Top This! Ice Cream Game

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Kids will delight in this irresistible family game!

Here's how to play: Players have a dream job, working at an ice cream shop creating delicious sundaes for customers. The ice cream dish and scoops are ready—all that needs to be added are toppings! But there's a catch: Each customer has a special request, and there are ice cream shop surprises in store that may hinder or accelerate the players' progress. Spin the spoon to select a topping, then draw a napkin story card for a bonus topping, a topping trade, or a topping loss. The first player to complete their sundae wins!

This sweetly spirited board game provides heaps of opportunities for engaged play and boundless creativity! Suitable for ages 4+, two to four players.

What's in the Box:

  • 4 ice ceam sundae game boards
  • 40 assorted toppings
  • 1 spoon spinner
  • 30 napkin cards
  • Instructions on how to play!