The Game of Real Life Deck

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A one-of-a-kind card game rooted in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which uses mindfulness to teach emotional problem-solving and interpersonal skills—plus a 96-page pocket guide to DBT.
Be mindful. Solve conflicts. Live better. A fun and accessible way to learn how to cope effectively, The Game of Real Life is based on the principles of DBT, which incorporates mindfulness with therapeutic life skills to combat anxiety, promote active listening, and prevent burnout. But you don’t have to go to therapy to play. How does it work?  
  • The Wise Mind—or judge for the round—presents a Conflict Card, revealing a hypothetical situation.
  • Players respond to the conflict by playing a Skill Card from their hand.
  • The Wise Mind awards the player whose Skill Card best resolves the conflict.
  • The player who resolves the most conflicts wins!
The game includes a 96-page pocket guide with instructions for gameplay and further information on all of DBT’s life-changing skills, from self-validation and self-soothing to identifying emotions and coping ahead for stressful situations. By discussing real-life situations with friends and learning from others, you’ll master the skills for staying present, regulating emotions, improving relationships, and, ultimately, increasing your happiness.