Game On Book

Hardie Grant

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Game On is a games book with a difference. Designed to try to make your party, weekend away, holiday, or even a Friday night more fun, it will feature a range of classic games that everyone will know (but often don’t remember how to play!) such as Mafia or The Hat Game, as well as an array of modern games that will soon become firm favorites will all who play them. With a sleek and fun design, clear instructions, and guidance for numbers of players, this is a perfect gift for avid gamers as well as those looking for fun new ways to interact with friends and family. Marley Byng is the queen of games amongst her peers. She is a student who has been an avid games master since she was 10. Having played games her whole life, she has acquired an exceptional collection— both existing and her own—ready to pluck out in any situation, and for any number of players. 

  • 176 Pages
  • 5.5" x 7"
  • hardcover