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Beard oil is a great solution for the itchiness and irritation that can occur beneathe your beard.

  • The majority of the beard oil base is made of Jojoba Oil meaning that the blend closely resembles your skin's natural oils. The result is a quick-absorbing, non-greasy, but deeply hydrating oil.
  • Anti-microbial, meaning that it will keep blemishes and ingrown hairs under control.
  • Contains fatty acids which will promote circulation in the skin and will help to fill in any patchiness.
  • Contains enough oil to be used for 100 days (or more!)

Park Ranger has a woodsy base of cedarwood and patchouli and is compliments by resinous tones of cedar leaf, spruce and lemon. 

Bonsai Citrus has bright and fruity tones of grapefruit, ginger and bergamot supported by a base of sandalwood and amber. 

Atlas has a strong mahogany base of sandalwood and amber, with shapeshifting top-notes of spice, floral vanilla and smoke.

Orion: A contrasting blend of bright, bracing mint and warm vanilla is balanced by the earthy- resinous notes of cedarwood. 

Marin: Inspired by the lush coastlines of British Columbia, Marin's aquatic scent combines sage and bergamot with floral notes of ylang ylang and the brightness of Japanese Peppermint.