A Modern Guide to Valentine’s Day

A modern guide to Valentine's Day to celebrate every type of love in your life!

Here at Scout, we believe that nurturing all of your closest relationships is an important part of living a joyful and happy life. Valentine’s Day traditionally celebrates romantic love and the heteronormative dynamic between a man and a woman. But! Since there’s no rulebook on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we want to bring the focus to ALL types of love - self-love, good friendships, family love, and everything in between, they’re all equally deserving of a special day.

You can experience the joys of this love-fuelled holiday with or without a romantic partner, so we invite you to focus on the love you give and receive and find creative ways to celebrate all of the people you love and cherish!

Here are some creative ways we’ll be celebrating this year:

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Self-Love

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one of all. Self-love is what guides your ability to spend your love on others, and without it, you can find yourself pouring too much of yourself into your loving relationships and leaving little for your own energy and care.

Here are some of our favourite ways to show ourselves a little extra love:

  • Run a bath, light your favourite candle, and let your mind rest. Pair this organic coconut milk bath soak with a complimentary candle (we like this Eucalyptus + Sage one), and you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Better yet, you’ll feel pampered and cared for, an important act of self-love.

  • Take yourself on a little date! Whether you hit up your favourite go-to restaurant or try something new, an opportunity to get out of the house and get comfortable with time alone is never a bad idea. If you’re in Toronto and looking for a new place, we have been LOVING Milou on Dundas West. Very cute, very vibey, and perfect for a first date with yourself.

  • Treat yourself to something special. Not just a coffee (do that also), but something you’ve had your eye on for a while that sparks joy and feels special. We carry a beautiful collection of jewelry made by mindful, intentional makers that could serve as a perfect little Valentine’s Day gift from you, to you.




Valentine’s Day Ideas for Friend Love

With the rebrand of “Galentine’s Day” rising in popularity (we prefer Pal-entine’s for a more inclusive take on friend love), many folks are re-writing this celebration of love as one that can be light-hearted and community-centered. Getting all of your best friends together is always a good time, why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to celebrate how great they are?

  • No matter your age, Valentine’s Day cards are always a sweet and cheeky way to show someone you’re thinking about them. Whether you’re making your own cards or handing out classic classroom Valentine’s, thoughtful cards show the ones you love that they were on your mind. 

  • Take your friends out for a special day together. Explore Allan Gardens together (it’s free!) or have brunch at your local coffee shop. Whatever you do, be intentional about spending quality time with one another.

  • Have a potluck or cooking party! Make a mess of the kitchen and try something new - even if it doesn’t turn out, you’ll share forever memories and a whole lot of laughs, which is arguably the best type of gift you could get.




Valentine’s Day Ideas for Family Love

Your family members are often the people that loved you first. Since day one they’ve been by your side, and as we get older and busier, our ability to spend quality time gets harder. If you can spend Valentine’s Day pouring your love into your family members, you’ll recognize how lucky you are to be loved back by them.

  • Laugh together. Hanging out with your own generation of siblings and cousins is always best when it’s full of foolery. We recommend going together to The Comedy Bar or The Corner in Toronto, both running shows during Valentine’s Day week for reasonable prices, and you’ll be sure to take home some inside jokes.

  • Give everyone a chance to feel like a kid again. If you’re spending the day with your parents, make time for fun. Take them to Toronto’s famous Snakes & Latte’s board game cafe where you can create some wholesome fun and banter that will make everyone feel young again.

  • Get to know your family better. We love the idea of spending time with grandparents by sitting down to plot out your family tree. Tracing your roots back as far as you can remember, you’re sure to get some amazing stories from your family’s past. We even have a card game to help get the conversation going!


Valentine’s Day for Partner Love

We weren’t just going to leave romantic love out of this. Although it floods the Valentine’s Day celebrations, partner love is the core of Valentine’s Day and it puts a smile on our faces to imagine the world celebrating love all on the same day. The internet is filled with a million suggestions for how to spend this day as a couple, but here are some of our favourites:

  • Try your hand at experiencing something new together. Badminton, archery, and battle axe throwing are just some ideas for a new adventure. Doing new things together will bring you closeness and quality time with the added fun of exploration, something we suggest couples try to do often.

  • Get creative at home. For couples that love to get creative, you could plan a crafty day to spend being cozy and creative at home. We have a Screen Printing Starter Kit for those who want to try crafting something out of the box.

  • Play a fun board game together, or use a guided deck like Cards for Couples to bring your conversations a little deeper with intimate questions and accessible conversation starters. Check out this article for more card games to deepen your relationships!



It doesn’t necessarily matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day, who you celebrate it with, or what society defines as love. We are big lovers of love in all of its forms, and we hope all of our Scout friends and family can spend this Valentine’s Day feeling loved, showing love, and celebrating with whoever they love. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With love from the Scout Team.

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