Unique Gifts to Honour Our Moms This Mother's Day

Scout store owner Leah on the beach in the Bahamas with her mom during their five-day yoga retreat

Relationships are complex and unique, filled with ups and downs, special memories or moments we might wish we had the opportunity to rewrite. Leading up to this Mother's Day Sun. May 12th, we're honouring the supportive mother figures in our lives who have helped guide us through it all—whether we listened to them or not.

Today, we're sharing memories, new and old, of the moments that stand out—trips of self-discovery, guiding words, sacrifices, car-ride conversations, and lessons—while also honouring the many other women who surround and uplift us. At Scout, we believe the perfect gift reflects the best memories, the things we love about our moms and will carry forward with us. We're opening up our hearts and sharing some highlights that make our moms such leading ladies in our lives, as well as how we plan to treat them to the perfect gift for Mother's Day (*spoiler alert, Mom*). We hope these stories help you to get to know us a little better while inspiring you to seek out that thoughtful, unique gift idea for the moms in your life, whether by birth or by choice.

Memories as Inspiration for the Perfect Gift

"My mom and I have really connected through our love of yoga and our integration of meditation and mindfulness into our lives. For her 65th birthday a few years ago, I decided to treat my mom and I to a five-day yoga retreat in the Bahamas. We’d been talking about a trip together for years and this felt like the perfect thing to celebrate. It was such a wonderful way to connect and spend time together without the distractions of life getting in our way. I’ll always value that time we both took for each other. Life is short and can be so busy, but these are the memories that will stick with us. For Mother’s Day, my mom is easy to gift—she loves anything with lavender in it! A Samyoga meditation eye pillow is the perfect calming tool for her as she eases into retirement this year paired with a jar of lavender and hibiscus bath salts from Montreal’s Dot & Lil, available in our Leslieville and Roncesvalles locations. My mom is on a new, less hectic journey now, but still needs to remember to take quiet time for herself to reset." ~Leah, Owner

Flatlay of three ceramic bowls containing Dot and Lil bath salts with dried flowers on a marble counter.

Photo credit: Instagram @dotandlil

"'Mother knows best' is an old expression which time and again I've rebelled against...and been proven wrong. I'm happy to say, though, that despite going against her advice or thinking I knew better, my mother has never failed to provide me with a patient ear and guiding words, loving my little stubborn self all the same. If I had to pick the ideal gift for my mother this Mother's Day, it would be the Eucalyptus + Sage Candle from Sydney Hale. Eucalyptus for her fresh approach to the situation and sage for all of her wisdom, together in a candle as warm and inviting as she's always been—it's perfect!" ~Kayla, Manager

Sydney Hale eucalyptus and sage soy candle in a frosted glass container sitting on a wood table with soft plumes of smoke

Photo credit: Sydney Hale

"Some words have simple, singular meanings and some have many. To me, the word 'mother' is one of the latter. If I look closely enough, I find that I am surrounded by mothers of all kinds. There is the woman who gave me life—the strong, warm, and independent figure whom I hope to model when I have kids one day. This year, I also want to spend time honouring every single one of the women whom inspire me to learn and grow, and to be my best self every day. I am especially thankful this year for my friends who open their arms and their hearts whenever I need a listening ear or a piece of advice. To thank these special ladies, I would choose the Mimi & Marge tiny heart necklace to thank them for the love they give me and the Self Care for the Real World book, available in store in Leslieville and Roncesvalles, to help them treat themselves the way they deserve!" ~Maria, Sales Associate

Delicate sterling silver chain and tiny heart charm necklace sitting on a bright wooden box with illustrated lavender flowers in the background

"My mom is one of the most caring and generous people I know. My whole life she has always put others first. Last year she made a decision to put herself first and has been on a journey of self-discovery and independence ever since. Her strength has shown me that no matter what life throws at you, everything will be okay. I am so proud of her and she has reminded me that taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of others, which is something I often forget. Though things have not been easy, I can see how much happier she is. 52 Lists for Happiness is the perfect gift for my mom this Mother's Day, so she can take time each day to reflect on the things in life that make her happy." ~Michelle, Sales Associate

52 Lists Project journal with a floral and white cover laying on a woodgrain surface with foliage in the corner

"Some of my favourite memories with my mom are car rides to and from my choir rehearsals when I was a tweenager. I wasn't super into the actual very hardcore choir, but I loved getting a couple of hours each week to chat with my mom alone. I have a lot of siblings and having that one-on-one time felt so special that I put up with singing German songs about Mien Aaug und Hearz for five years. I feel really lucky that my mom is a person whom I genuinely really like and would want to hang out with all the time, even if she wasn't my mother. But she also contributed half my genetic material and I got her hair, so I'm even luckier. She's hilarious and sweet, always keeps up with the trashy pop culture I'm into or the new gender theories I bombard her with, and has always supported me even though I'm objectively her loudest, most annoying kid. My mom is unreasonably self-sacrificing and almost never buys herself fancy things, so I love roping my siblings into getting a big group gift. This year’s plan is top-secret, but our biggest hit so far has been an eleven thirty Anni purse, which my mom loves. (My diciest Mother's Day gift was a signed copy of Are You My Mother? by Alison Bechdel. Great book but my mom thought I was trying to say that our relationship is super dysfunctional, which I was not! Gift it at your own risk!)" ~Jem, Sales Associate

Woman wearing jeans holding a black Eleven Thirty Anni bag with a circular top, flat bottom, and single top handle

Photo credit: eleven thirty

“My mom is a wonderful woman with the brightest smile and an infectious laugh. She can’t help but enjoy her own quick wit. She’s strong and vulnerable, smart and silly, and can chase down a runaway hog like no one else (you’ll have to ask her about that story). One memory that I cherish are the times she’d take me out to the gardens on cool, sunny days to uproot the weeds, prune the flowers, and give everything a good soakin'. I was around three or four at the time. She’d point out the different flowers, tell me their names, and note something unique about each. After we finished gardening, my mom, an absolute artist, would sketch a picture of the flowers I’d learned about that day and quiz me. I think I remember this part the most because it reminds me of how talented my mom truly is, how delicately she drew but how equally easily she could make her way through all the tough stuff—she was a farmer’s daughter after all. When we received Modern Sprout’s seed kits at our Leslieville location, with their gorgeously sketched blooms on the packaging, it instantly reminded me of my mom. As a gift of my gratitude, I’ll be giving her a lavender seed kit and treating her to a coffee break—reminders to rest. Of course, I’ll also be including one of my signature super sentimental cards that are 99.9% effective at making the recipient tear up. While the card I chose is a secret, those looking for an option that says it all might find this one from Emily McDowell the perfect fit.~Erin, Sales Associate

Waxed planter with bright green and purple lavender sprouting out of the top being handed from one hand to another

Photo credit: Modern Sprout

Have a favourite story about the amazing women in your life? Share them below or stop by our Leslieville or Roncesvalles stores to share them in person, and we'll help you find unique cards or gifts for mom to honour that special moment.  Can't make it in, check out our online collection with some other inspiring ideas for Mom!

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