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Collage featuring some popular spring arrivals available at Scout online, an independent retailer headquartered in Toronto Canada

While our beautiful storefronts remain temporarily closed, some of our fresh and fun spring arrivals have made their way to us. We’ve been frantically working to add new stock online and keep you all updated on new arrivals, but it can be a little hectic fulfilling orders—thank you so much for each and every order; our hearts are overflowing—and keeping the website stocked up so you can keep getting all the indoor fun goods and puzzles—oh so many puzzles!

So, to give our new spring lines and some local vendors the love they deserve, we thought we’d offer a bit of a highlight reel of what’s new at Scout this spring!

Wolf Circus

Offering gorgeous demi-fine pieces handcrafted in Vancouver, British Columbia, Wolf Circus is a woman-run jeweller that aims to inspire confidence. One of the most interesting aspects of Wolf Circus is their creative process that lends their pieces greater detail, character, and beauty. While all of Wolf Circus’ pieces are hand fabricated, select products are cast through the 6,000-year-old lost-wax casting process through which a wax model is used to create a mold in which molten metal is poured. When the mold is made, the wax model is melted and drained, hence lost-wax casting. This process lends itself well to gorgeous detailing and Wolf Circus’ spring line doesn’t disappoint, offering new classic styles and heirloom pieces for a little bit of attainable luxury to show off in those video calls! My particular favourites: the Florence Vase necklace, featuring a delicate floral design created using the lost-wax casting process, and the Iggy pearl earrings, featuring flowing curves and iridescent freshwater pearls.

Models show off the Florence Vase necklace and Iggy Pearl earrings from Wolf Circus

Photos courtesy of Wolf Circus


As Biko founder and Toronto designer, Corrine Anestopoulos, explains, Biko is all about modern nostalgia and the translating of vintage memories and styles into modern, contemporary silhouettes. This local brand’s spring pieces carry through on this design theme with a touch of edge that balances masculine and feminine aspects using a variety of materials to get that perfect style that will hold its own for years to come. This winter, I added the Biko Moonwalk necklace (currently on sale here!) to my rotation and honestly, it goes with simply everything, perfect for the minimalist’s wardrobe or an accent to colourful spring styles—a statement that rings true for all of Biko’s designs. Some highlights from our new Biko arrivals: I adore the look of the Helix Collar and the Magnolia Chain Collar necklaces layered in gold and rhodium for a mixed-metal statement piece.

A young black woman models the Magnolia and Helix chain collar necklaces by Biko Photos courtesy of Biko

Eleven Thirty

Another made in Canada vendor local to Toronto is our beloved bag makers at Eleven Thirty. Working out of their Brockton Village storefront and studio on College Street, Eleven Thirty is all about buying less and loving it more. Classic, structured, and practical designs are complemented by natural, genuine leathers. The self-taught creative partners behind the brand, Mariel Gonzalez and Alexa Schoorl, joined forces in 2013 after having their own brands prior. With each creation, they respect their materials in a way that reduces as much waste as possible, so small scars, marks, or slight colour variations in the genuine leather cowhides used for their bags may be visible and lend further character to these one-of-a-kind beauties. This spring, we’ve added their new Anni Mini Mini bags to our shop line-up, a compact redesign of the popular favourite the Anni that's meant to carry just the essentials. Take a browse here

Three different angles of the Anni Mini Mini Bag from Eleven Thirty, available at Scout in Toronto

Photos courtesy of Eleven Thirty

Xenia Taler

Toronto-based Xenia Taler’s pattern play is always on point. A long-time vendor with Scout, we’re always excited to add new Xenia Taler masterpieces to our store shelves—or in this case, our digital shelves! Xenia Taler’s home and lifestyle goods carry that signature clean and playful aesthetic with an emphasis on local production and sustainable materials wherever possible. This spring, we’ve restocked on some tableware favourites and expanded to include some new patterns to mix and mingle for indoor or outdoor dining. Interestingly, Xenia’s bamboo plates are made from industrial manufacturers’ discarded bamboo (think bamboo furniture and chopstick manufacturers) that is ground into a powder and molded into tableware with a food-grade melamine binder for greater durability to make it a safer choice around young kids. Plates are dishwasher-safe (top rack recommended) but not compatible with microwaves. The Schoolhouse dinner plate set is a personal favourite for mixing and mingling with some fun side plates.

Flat lay of Xenia Taler patterned plats lay on the left with the array of colourful patterned plates available at Scout are displayed on the right

Photos courtesy of Xenia Taler (left) and @iheartsout (right)

Seltzer Goods

We added Seltzer Goods to our Scout vendors line-up just over a year ago and we’ve never looked back. A woman-led company that prioritizes creativity, curiosity, and laughter, Seltzer’s products are packed with personality, gorgeous modern designs, and simply the best colour combinations. Lately, for clear reasons, their puzzles have been a hot commodity online and we’re happy to say we’ve added an even bigger selection for you to peruse, purchase, and piece together, including a tarot card design for all our mystics. Seltzer’s Better Together puzzle series all feature vibrant designs and 500 pieces, and are meant to be an antidote to our stressful modern lives. With many of us working from home or processing other changes, the arrival of these puzzles is perfectly timed. Carve out some screen-free time and sit down with yourself, your partner, or your household to reconnect and de-stress. Shop these new spring arrivals here. (We're receiving some orders a little delayed. If a product shows as "Sold Out" while you're shopping, pop your e-mail in the field on the product page and we'll notify you first when the item is stocked!) 

Two hands work on a Tarot Card puzzle on the left while an open puzzle box sits on a white background on the right with colourful puzzle pieces strewn about

Photos courtesy of Seltzer

Wee Gallery

Despite current happenings, little ones are still making their way into the world! If you’re looking to send along a gift to new parents or parents to be, our fresh Wee Gallery spring stock might be the perfect pick. Wee Gallery started with a couple’s fascination for their child’s development and nurturing and has since become an expansive product line based on high-contrast black-and-white designs. Early on, a baby cannot see colour all too well, but black-and-white patterns offer distinct edges and forms that engage young eyes and stimulate focus. As a baby grows, their ability to perceive shapes and depth allows them to see these black-and-white designs in new ways. In other words, the designs allow for the baby’s experience with the item to grow as they do. This spring, we’ve added new crinkle toys to the mix—the egg is absolutely adorable and the wise owl is sure cute, too—and we’ve also added the new Rainforest pattern growth chart to keep track of all those little growth spurts!

A baby plays with a Wee Gallery egg crinkle toy on the left while a growth chart hangs against a white wall on the right

Photos courtesy of Wee Gallery

Little & Lively

Sunnier weather is headed our way and we have the littlest ones covered with new Little & Lively spring sunbonnets! Little & Lively designs and creates their entire lineup of clothing out of Abbotsford, British Columbia with carefree, effortless style in mind to create the loveliest and most practical pieces for all the playful, messy, quiet, hectic, everyday moments. The spring sunbonnets offer up pops of colour, adjustable straps to keep that hat on—or at least try to!—and the perfect addition to your Easter pictures if you’re in the area of our porch drop-off zones! (Note that it might be tight for mailed orders, as delays are expected with Canada Post shipping at this time.) Shop the sunbonnets here and keep your eye out for new knotted headbands from Little & Lively coming to our online shop, too!

Three adorable happy babies in Little & Lively spring sunbonnets

Photo courtesy of Little & Lively

Good Kid Clothing Co.

Good Kid Clothing Co. has made a big move—all clothing is now proudly designed, made, and screen printed in Ontario, Canada, giving even more meaning to their “Good Things Grow in Ontario” design. Good Kid Clothing Co. founder Tess does note, though, that these t-shirts are designed to stand out—meaning strangers may just start singing to you or giggling when they spot your new shirt. For spring, we’ve welcomed some new designs into the shop, including a new adult-sized Good Things Grow tee and Home Grown kid’s t-shirt in a wonderfully retro natural and red font colourway, as well as—and this deserves a drumroll, if you please—matching Golden Girl t-shirts in kids’ and adults’ sizes!! I know we’ve had some in-store requests for this perfect pairing before and we’re oh so happy to spread the news that they’ve arrived. Shop the Good Kid Clothing line, including the new spring designs, here.

Flat lay of two folded bright yellow t-shirts with Golden Girl scripted across the front in white, one t-shirt in a child's size, one in an adult size

Photo courtesy of Scout

A Little Note...

While restocks and new products have somewhat been put on hold while we figure out our business moves and what will help our little but mighty shop pull through strong on the other side, we will keep our New Arrivals collection updated online with fun products as they arrive. We've also created a new "Made in Canada" section if you are looking to send your support to our local makers. Keep us in mind for all those birthdays, celebrations, new births, engagements, happy moments, tough moments, and just because moments we’ll all be experiencing from safe distances. We’re happy to wrap up your gifts with care, write your personal message in your cards (details here), and send them directly to your family, friends, loved ones, and those you’re thinking of. If there’s something specific you think we have in shop but isn’t listed online, email us! We’ll happily look into it for you.

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