Sustainable Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Sustainable gift guide - sustainable gift ideas for everyone on your list!

There it is – the first real snowfall of the season, dusting the city white with its glittering promise of holiday cheer and spirit! As we enter another year of spreading joy through gift-giving, Scout Team has got you covered with our thoughtfully curated s
ustainable gift guide – perfect for everyone on your list!

The holidays carry a different meaning for all of us, but at its core is the idea of community, togetherness, and generosity. The heartbeat of December is nurtured by our ability to not only connect through love, but to charitably share it. As we navigate this turbulent post-lockdown climate, we are reminded more than ever of a mutual purpose; the responsibility we have to honour each other in lasting ways.

This year, consider giving the gift that gives back – to your community and to your environment. A meaningful gift for that meaningful someone, it’s never been easier to make intentional purchases. With our sustainable gift guide, you can be sure you are consciously consuming while supporting local makers. Just like the special somebodies in your life, it is our stories that transcend time, and what is more special than gifting the same?




For the Child(ren) - or the one at heart!:

Colibri reusable snack bags - one of the picks for our sustainable gift guide

This season, it’s all about teaching them young! With Colibri’s beautifully crafted, reusable snack bags – from dinosaurs, to colourful florals, to emojis and monochromatic patterns – there’s a pattern for everyone to love! For the maker, Sandra O’Malley, the concept of Colibri is far more than fun aesthetics and reusability – it is the belief in creating long-lasting solutions to foster healthy environments. Here’s a gift that promises to benefit the entire family – an enthused child with their unique and expressive new snack bag, and a lesson in sustainability all in one. Let’s not forget about the waste reduction and cost savings!


For the Old Soul

Knotted Next Vintage Recycled Fabric Napkins - one of our picks for our sustainable gift guide.

We all know that one old soul, forever lost in a bygone era and the novelties of the past. Knotted Nest provides the perfect match for the vintage-lover in your life, from construction to finished product. Handmade from recycled fibres in Toronto, these Vintage Recycled Fabric Napkins aren’t just one-of-a-kind, but they're built to last for years to come. As a lover of all things retro may appreciate, these napkins bring vintage beauty to any table setting, and can even eventually be passed down!

A self-proclaimed fabric enthusiast and the maker behind the brand, Kristen is a mother who seeks to raise a family appreciative of all things handmade and homegrown. If this sounds like the vintage enthusiast in your life, then pick up these napkins for the perfect gift that can stay in a family for generations!


For the Modern Mover

The Kinto Travel Tumbler from Japan - one of our picks for our sustainable gift guide!

At this point, Kinto’s Travel Tumbler is a favourite around here at Scout! With a vacuum insulated interior and a smart-sip lid to prevent ice cubes from falling out, or hot drinks from burning your mouth, there’s no question as to why. Kinto’s modern design of the tumbler leaves us wanting nothing more; it is as functional as it is stylish. The sleek exterior makes it easy to store and hold, while also incredibly visually appealing.

Kinto values the way we connect over food and beverage, the way we seek beauty in all things, and aims to enrich our lives with inspiring takes on tableware. Available in 2 different sizes and 5 different colours, this tumbler is an easily appreciated staple for anyone on the move.


For the Friendly Foodie

Havyn's Resuable Linens and Napkins - one of our picks for our sustainable gift guide!

A gift worth a thousand words! Havyn’s Napkins and Tea Towels hold an artistic edge over all others. Whether you need a tasteful gift for your holiday dinner host, or the absolute food-lover in your life, or just a well-priced but gorgeously crafted towel for that gift exchange at work, Havyn has you sorted! 100% organic cotton, reusable, and the perfect replacement for paper towels for anyone in your life looking to transition into sustainable alternatives, Havyn’s quirky designs make it an easy yet intentional gift for just about anyone!


For the Proudly Pampered

The Well Kept Safety Razor Gift - one of our top picks on our sustainable gift guide!

Oops! Looks like the Well Kept secret is out! This holiday season, gift the set that does more than just groom – it pampers! Well Kept’s Safety Razor Kit offers a single blade razor for minimal irritation, luxurious shave oil, an interesting take on the exfoliating cloth with the addition of agave, and 5 replaceable blades!

Co-founders Emilie and Natalie set out to provide a solution for a need and ended up creating the perfect product that promotes wellbeing by also treating the environment well. Self-care is an intentional act that goes beyond our bodies – it includes our minds too. Help your loved one take pride in being pampered through the peace of mind in knowing that every product in this kit was consciously created and curated. Feel good – body and mind!




For the Cool Picnicker

SoYoung stylish adult lunch bags and coolers - part of our sustainable gift guide!

We saw snack bags for children, now here’s something for the adults! SoYoung introduces the coalescence of modern artwork in the shape of functional Cooler Bags and Linen Poches for meals on the go. You’ll want to stock up on these to gift to all your picnicking and camping comrades! These impressively crafted linen coolers look almost as if they could double as stylish tote bags, but much more practical with a host of nifty features! Removable inserts, messenger straps, machine washability, and utility pockets, this is a cooler bag that has beauty and benefits!

As a recovered addict with a powerful journey of her own, Catherine of SoYoung is on a mission to self-empower through style and sustainability. Gift this usable and reusable cooler bag that can easily be a fashion-forward utility, or a fashion statement altogether. Not to mention this gorgeous rust colour they introduced for the fall!


Let’s Wrap Up With…

Reusable gift wrap - Furoshiki Japanese gift wrap - part of our sustainable gift guide collection!

Wrappr’s incredible Furoshiki gift wrap! This gift wrap is truly like no other and wraps up our sustainable gift guide. When it comes to wrapping paper, the most sustainable option is usually… well, none. Most wrapping paper is torn apart and cast aside without care. Wrappr has found a way to make reusing gift wrapping considerably more appealing by conceptualizing the Japanese art of fabric wrapping, Furoshiki.

Their reusable gift wrap features original artwork from actual artists and can even be reused as a scarf or bag after unwrapping. It’s easy not to destroy this wrapper when opening gifts, and the artwork creates an elevated experience. With Furoshiki gift wrap, you can try out several different wrapping styles and wrap gifts faster, making this an incredibly versatile option. 


Don't Forget the Details!

Biodegradable cotton ribbons for your gifts - part of our sustainable gift guide picks!


Last but definitely not least! For those that love adding those final little touches on gifts, check out this Cotton Ribbon from March Party Goods. We were SO excited to find an eco-friendly alternative to plastic ribbons. Not only is this cotton ribbon super cute, it's biodegradable as well. This year, while consciously gift-giving, don’t forget to factor your wrapping needs in!


We hope our gift guide inspires you to choose more sustainable options for your gift exchanges this holiday season. What are some of your favourite sustainable gift ideas? Tell us below! 

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