New Season, New Arrivals

New Season, New Arrivals

As an independent gift shop, Scout is rooted in eco-consciousness, inclusivity, intentionality and community-building. It is always a joy when our curated selection of goods reflects this living framework! With a focus on handmade, Canadian and artisanal making, there’s a story behind every product and a brand that cares about adding something special to the lives of customers. With every season, we are excited to celebrate these brands and makers by sharing the new arrivals that we bring into the store! From eco-friendly beauty products to card decks that aim to inspire relationship-building, we hope that there’s a little something for everybody. 

Spotlighting New Brands 

Sade Baron 

Sade Baron is a Toronto-based skincare line that centers the customer. With a focus on producing natural, vegan, and gender-neutral products, Sade Baron’s products aim to enhance the body’s innate healing processes by creating nutrient-rich formulas. Founded by a mother Sade and her daughter Rachel, this brand is Black-owned and operated by women. This powerful duo has committed time and energy into researching and experimenting with ingredients and approaches to skincare so that they could fully understand how to concoct products that would repair, moisturize and train the skin to not only be better but ultimately, feel better. On their website, they share the story behind their intentional line: “When Sade was young, she suffered from eczema and scaly skin. Her grand-aunt stepped in with a homemade botanical remedy of coconut oils and plants. It had amazing results, and shaped Sade deeply, because Sade developed a lifelong interest in plants and their uses. With Sade, Rachel was blessed to grow up with a mother who always had the solution for any skin or health issue.” With Rachel’s background in branding and advertising, this mother-daughter duo turned their passion for clean and healthy skincare into something that they could share with many others seeking a simple solution to their skincare problems.

Every product is high-quality and vegan, packed with superfoods that benefit the skin and the planet. For example, their Blanc - Fragrance Free Soap is mindful of all skin types. It is scent-free, ideal for hyper-sensitive skin, and rich in vitamins E and D to hydrate skin. Their Blanc - Fragrance Free Lotion is another great example of their ethos, as it is lightweight, high-performing and made to boost the natural moisture retention of your skin for all-day hydration. Made with superfoods like Shea butter and avocado oil, this fragrance-free lotion features essential fatty acids that will penetrate deeply, beyond your skin’s surface, to leave skin feeling soft to the touch. Sade Baron aims to bring you impeccable quality and care with their products and we are happy to now carry their line in our stores today!

elle crée

Made in Portland, elle crée (which translates to “she creates” in French) creates artist quality paint-by-number kits that are designed to inspire and engage users. Designed by illustrator Rachel Austen, their products feature an array of illustrations from historical figures such as Frida Khalo to gorgeously designed images of creatures and botanicals inspired by still scenes in nature. As a lover of vintage aesthetics and mid-century paint-by-number designs, Rachel’s approach to illustration invites users into feelings of nostalgia and reverence for the inherent beauty around us. Assembled with non-toxic hand-mixed acrylic paints, this product invites you to activate your creative energy and create something vibrant and beautiful. Each kit is packaged in minimal, eco-friendly materials that double as a work surface and elle crée prioritizes using locally sourced components and USA-made materials whenever possible. 

elle crée donates 5% of profits to various social and environmental initiatives, including Terrapass, The Southern Poverty Law Center, The Oregon Food Bank and the Black Resilience Fund.


This spring, we are excited to welcome Homecoming Candles into our stores. Founded by Suraiya Nanji, this Vancouver line focuses on the integrity of everyday spaces. Our homes are where we recharge, where we unravel and slip into our most authentic selves. Homecoming products aim to emphasize the importance of cultivating a space that allows for all of these things and more. 

Although she grew up in sunny California, Suraiya Nanji has always had a love for candles. Motivated by this passion and her desire to pursue a creative career of her own, she decided to expand her passion into something outside of herself and has created a well-loved line that inspires simplicity and presence. Now based in Vancouver, Homecoming Candles has become a line of home accessories, including thoughtfully made home mists that will elevate the atmosphere around you. Hand-poured, hand-made and hand-packaged, this company also uses all-natural soy wax, lead- and zinc-free cotton wicks, and a blend of premium essential and phthalate-free fragrance oils. Their soy candles are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and free of petroleum and preservatives.


Founded in 2018 and made in Canada, Toronto beauty brand Amalusta takes skincare to a whole new level. Their packaging will lure you in with its stunning design and their clean skincare line that aims to turn routine into ritual for anyone and everyone will make you want to stay.

Introduce yourself to this incredible brand by checking out their Multi Clay + Fruit Oil Face Mask, a perfect pick for a spring refresh. Ideal for congested skin, this mask aims to clear oil and clogged pores, brighten and clarify dull skin, and spot-treat acne. This deep-cleaning, acne-fighting, unique clay blend is made up of zinc, exfoliating alpha-hydroxy acids, fruit oils, nutrients and fatty acids. For a glowing complexion, follow-up your mask with Amalusta’s Lucid Face Oil. This 100% natural blend of organic botanical ingredients will nourish your skin, stimulate cell turnover, soothe acne, prevent fine lines, fight environmental damage, and brighten your complexion. This brand honours science and sustainability and like many of our other incredible brands, Amalusta also prioritizes giving back to organizations that impact the community. This includes the Aboriginal Legal Services, the Black Legal Action Centre, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

New Products from Familiar Brands 

For Life at Home 

This season, we are happy to welcome Dianna Watters Embroidery Kits back into our stores. Made in Toronto, the founder of this heart-warming line is made by a designer, and metal fabricator with a love for cross stitch and colour. The embroidery kits come in many different designs including a bumblebee, flower garden and a fiesta llama! The bright colours and attention to detail will put a smile on your face and give you something fun and engaging to work on in your spare time.

Brought to you by artist and author Sarah Simon (aka @themintgardener) in collaboration with Smith Street Books, the Watercolour Workbook is another great option for at-home fun that will help you build your watercolour skills or master a new art form! Filled with 25 beginner-friendly projects on premium watercolour paper, this workbook draws on flower and nature sketches that are ready for you to watercolour. By the end, you’ll have painted images of wild roses, poppies, sunflowers, buttercups, dandelions and more! Printed on thick, 200 gsm premium watercolour art paper, you’ll have no colour bleed-through! Artist and author Sarah Simon has experience teaching thousands of people how to paint with watercolour and is the perfect guide for this gorgeous medium.

Xenia Taler has been a long-time favourite of ours. Designed in Toronto, Xenia Taler produces home and lifestyle goods that will elevate the energy of any space. Their Bamboo Coco Check Side Plates and Bamboo Diner Check Dinner Plates (all sold in sets of 4!) are the perfect for dinner on the patio or picnics at the park. Watch the sunset and enjoy a home-cooked meal on these bold and beautiful kitchen accessories. Great for rejuvenating life at home and making mealtime feel brighter and more intentional.

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Expand Your Jewelry Collection 

Handcrafted on Salt Spring Island and founded by Emily Hartwell Reynolds, Hart + Stone always offers a dreamy selection of jewelry that is made using recycled gold and silver whenever possible while also prioritizing sourcing raw materials from places who practice ethical mining and working conditions. The minimalist designs emphasize the beauty in timeless simplicity and we’re excited to share what’s new from this beloved line. Inspired by the sun, the Joan Sun Ray Disc Necklace is perfect for layering necklaces while also being stunning on its own. Hart + Stone continues to celebrate the beauty of the natural world with the Poppy Necklace. This delicate necklace embodies the season of renewal with its simple poppy design, a touchstone springtime bloom that represents so many things while growing in the most unexpected places. Both necklaces are available in 14k gold fill or sterling silver with an 18" chain.

We also have some beautiful new pieces in the shop this spring from Biko. A local brand, Biko calls themselves a “modern nostalgic” jewelry brand that creates each piece with love and care. Designed and made in Toronto by a small team led by founder Corrine Anestopoulos, we are always honoured to carry their thoughtfully conceptualized creations. Their Small Streamline Hoops are subtle, sophisticated and stunning. Handcast in 14K gold or rhodium-plated with hypoallergenic posts, these hoops are the perfect way to elevate your everyday jewelry look–proof that a little shine goes a long way. This style is also available in a larger size for those seeking something more bold.

New Picks to Deepen Connection and Practice Self-Love 

A good question can be a portal to unlocking a new chapter in your connection with someone–a way to express shared growth and honour difference. The Curiosity Cards from Actually Curious are evidence of this. This deck is a card game and a mission to spread empathy through meaningful questions. These cards are perfect for prompting participants to reflect on their values and views on a deep level with family, friends or for their own journaling practice. Made using ethical labour and paper supply practices, this deck of 52 cards will help you skip the small talk. (Note that these decks are available only in Leslieville in-store.)

Tarot is a system that has deep roots in our collective history. Used to help cultivate spiritual insight and knowledge, it is a great way to practice introspection. The Luna Sol Tarot Deck by Sterling Publishing takes a modern approach in its design. Illustrated by bestselling author and illustrator Mike Medaglia, this deck of 78 cards is packed with stunning illustrations that draw on traditional symbolism. Packaged in a custom box with a black and white introductory booklet, this is the perfect place to begin if you are new to the practice. It is also a must-have for those who are more seasoned but enjoy collecting unique decks that aim to inspire intuition from within. 

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As we navigate our virtual or IRL workplaces, as we try to put on a brave face for our loved ones, it can be easy to lose contact with the depth of our emotion, to access vulnerability. However, when someone comes forward and exemplifies what this looks like, it can help us unravel and honour the full spectrum of our feelings. The book Feelings: A Story In Seasons by Manjit Thapp offers us the permission to unravel. Manjit tells the illustrated story of a young woman’s year in emotions–capturing highs of early summer and the lows of grey winter isolation. This hardcover book is a 144-page journey that aims to validate every emotion and every shift in emotion. Its artwork and insight is deeply validating and comforting for all readers.

For a more guided, engaging journaling experience, The Gift Of Self Love book by author Mary Jelkovsky is perfect. Written like a letter to a close friend, this book offers practical advice and exercises as a way of honouring the intersection of self-love and self-improvement. Jelkovsky started her online platform Mary’s Cup of Tea after recovering from an eating disorder and has produced work that is committed to unconditional self-love and radical acceptance. This book includes the author’s personal stories, research, advice, quizzes, writing exercises, a positive self-talk guide and so many more offerings that are focused on engaging the reader.

Goodies for Young Shoppers

Little + Lively is returning to our stores with kids’ and baby clothing that will expand your little one’s spring wardrobe. For those who may be new to this ethical Canadian-made clothing line, Little + Lively is brought to you by The Kindred Studio in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Designer Carmen West co-owns the company with her husband, Jordan. They are a power duo with three kids who want to ensure that their customers feel seen and cared for. Built on the concept of family, The Kindred Studio produces fashionable and conscious clothing that is perfect for downtime, playground outings, and other aspects of family life. We are especially loving their Peony Baby Leggings and Market Veggies Onesie. Their prints are adorable and made to ensure ease and functionality. 

The Forest School Way Book by Watkins Publishing is an exciting addition to our selection for our young Scout readers. For parents and their children, this book is filled with woodland games, crafts, and other outdoor adventures from the Forest School. The grassroots Forest School movement has evolved over recent years in response to concerns surrounding the wellbeing of children. It is a holistic learning style that encourages observation and hands-on education. This adventure manual is a manifestation of the Forest School philosophy and a guide within this approach, meant to encourage children to engage with nature. Filled with ideas for how to do this such as making jewelry out of found materials, building shelter, or learning how to forage food, this guide will help you and children structure playtime and cultivate an awareness of the natural world. 

Published by Penguin Random House, Our Skin: A First Conversation About Race board book by Megan Madison, Jessica Ralli, and Isabel Roxas is another great resource that will help you facilitate and navigate conversations that are important to have at a young age. This read-aloud board book is intended for readers aged 2 to 5 years old. Based on research, this book takes an informed, safe, and supportive approach to unpacking the subject of race. Experts working in the fields of early childhood development and activism against injustice offered their insight to help inform the concrete language and beautiful imagery that can help prompt thoughtful discussion. 

The warmer months often represent clearing space in order to welcome things that better align with our joy and intentions. At Scout, we encourage purchases that are slow and meaningful. If any of our new arrivals caught your eye, we would love to know what you’re excited about in the comments and how you plan to integrate them into your daily life! 

And, if there’s anything that you’d like to see in our future collections, let us know! As always, we want to express our gratitude and hope that you are taking gentle care.

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