Scout Staff Picks for the Perfect Gift

Scout Staff Picks for the Perfect Gift

At Scout, we're always happy to help you shop for the perfect gift and we'll admit, we all have some suggestions that wind up being our favourites. To help you get brainstorming those perfect presents, we've rounded up our top gift picks this season to help you spread some joy. And as always, we have plenty more in store, so swing by our Leslieville or Roncesvalles locations to say hello and see what else we have on our shelves. Extended holiday hours are officially in effect now until December 23 and both locations will be open 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

Important note! While we have some stock available online and have linked it here, keep in mind that shipping deadlines to receive product before the big day have now passed. Happy to ship to arrive after the holidays! For in-store items, we love when you come to browse but if you have your heart set on something and need to travel far, give us a call (contact info here) before you arrive to ensure it will be here when you come along!

Our Favourite Unique Gift Ideas from Scout

Leah’s Picks

Picking favourites isn’t easy for me! I love everything I bring into the shops equally and try so hard to pick out items that others will too. Here are a few things I am personally extra smitten with right now. Candles from Sydney Hale Co. ($40, in-stores and online) are a constant presence in our house and I never tire of the earthy Eucalyptus + Sage scent. I run cold so a cozy blanket is never far from reach and the Very Big Hug blanket from Calhoun ($165, in-stores and online) is so soft and thick, it will keep you feeling cuddled all winter long. I’m always looking for that perfect wallet to house all my business owner needs. The recycled leather wallets from Veinage ($100, in-stores only) fit the bill! With room for my cards, receipts, coin, cash and even a phone, it being Canadian made is the icing on the cake. I’m a creature of habit and don’t change my jewelry much but I couldn’t resist the newest Akira Quartz earrings from Kara Yoo ($70, in-stores only). And last but not least, the Scout soap from Anto Yukon ($12, in-stores only) has all my favourite scents (Eucalyptus, Lavender and Mint) all wrapped up in a beautiful artist-designed paper perfect for gifting or treating yourself. 

Doreyjean’s Picks

The Love Lives Here puzzle artwork by Anne Bentley is my favourite! You can’t help but feel good when working on this 1,000-piece puzzle ($25, in-stores and online), a perfect way to decompress over the holidays! Midnight Paloma’s dry body brush ($22.95, in-stores and online) is a wonderful gift for someone who enjoys self-care and soft skin. I’ve noticed a big difference since using mine! I love Hart + Stone; I’ve been in love with their company for many years. My fiancé proposed to me with a ring of theirs this past year! I’ve chosen the Linden Studs ($55, in-stores and online, sterling silver and gold fill) because they’re classic and elegant. You can wear them casually or formally. I’m also a huge fan of the recycled fabric napkins from Knotted Nest ($25, in-stores only), they’re perfect for entertaining as each design is unique, so you’ll know which belongs to you—plus, they’re made in Toronto!

Jemima’s Picks

Hello! I love the Kinto Day Off Tumblers ($50, Roncesvalles store only)—super practical and cute and that mustard yellow one specifically just says I have a Jeep and I’m into camping. I can’t drive and I don’t like the outdoors but I want to cultivate the IMAGE that I do so this tumbler is perfect. Socks are always on my Christmas list and my fav’s right now are the Rainbow Socks from DOIY ($22.95, Roncesvalles store only). Give a pair to your Gay Cousin™ and wink the whole time they open the wrapping. We honestly have so many good socks right now though. I could do this whole thing about my top socks in the store—honourable mention goes to the Yellow Owl duck socks ($15, in-stores and online). This last thing is not on my personal wish list but I’m really into the Green Toys Recycled Plastic Dump Truck ($40, in-stores only). It’s dishwasher safe and meets FDA food contact standards which is great because then you can put snacks right in it. It activates my Mighty Machines nostalgia and seems like a super fun, sturdy, eco-friendly gift for a sweet slobbery tot. Happy Holidays! Someone please send this blog to my mom and my aunts because I’m too awkward to actually make a list. JK!!!

Michelle’s Picks

There are so many things in the store that I LOVE. The Protect the Vulnerable bag ($28.95, Roncesvalles store only) is my new favourite tote, it’s big enough to hold all of my things, the straps are comfy and the message is important to me(plus tigers are my favourite animal!). The Sydney Hale matches ($8.95, in-stores only) are absolute gems. They light nicely and I’m not afraid of burning my hand off because they are safely long! Giving the peace sign is my jam, so the And Here We Are pin ($18.95, in-stores and online) perfectly fits my personal brand and the little red panda card ($5.95, in-stores), I mean it’s just so friggin cute I CAN’T EVEN!!!!!

Jess’s Picks

If you’re hoping to put together a care package that reflects the values of a special person in your life, here are a few of my favourite products that help encourage gratitude and self-reflection. You Care Too Much ($24, Leslieville store only) is a collection of poetry, fiction, confessional writing, art and photography by 17 contributors on “the question of self care.” Published by a Toronto-based collective, the anthology encourages readers to clear space for vulnerability and self-compassion in their own lives. Your loved one can carry their book in a Made Things Make Me Happy tote from Makejoy ($30, in-stores only), along with their Mindfulness Cards ($24.95, in-stores and online). This deck of cards is perfect for someone who likes to slow down and move through life intentionally. They can pull a card and let the simple practices that it provides guide them through everyday life. This bundle of gifts lives at the intersection of intention and appreciation, allowing you to give the gift of self-care in a way that is realistic and meaningful.

Pearl’s Picks

If you’re like me, you’ve waited until the final hour to grab your holiday gifties and you’re thinking, “Everyone is impossible to shop for, except me.” As a new recruit to Scout I’d like to offer my fresh eyes to narrow down some good options. Firstly, the French Lavender Bath Soak from Sugi Tree Studio ($20, in-stores and online) has the most luxurious scent and comes in the loveliest bottle. Picture a candle-lit bath with those tiny lavender buds floating on the surface. Transcendent. Next is Wolf Circus’ Thick Hollow Nova Hoops ($150, Roncesvalles store or online), which are classic yet trendy and polishes off an everyday look. Gift this to your minimalist loved one as a welcome means to elevate their outfit! While we’re talking about accessories, I cannot recommend enough the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet ($109, in-stores or online, colour selection varies). This wallet is designed to decrease the bulk of traditional leather wallets by reducing seams and unnecessary material. Besides being beautiful and slim, you can opt for the RFID secure version ($109) to protect your loved ones’ personal information! I have more to say about this pick. Let’s chat about it some time. Last but most importantly is my quick fix for recovering from holiday chaos. Calm Balm by Toronto’s Leaves of Trees ($13, in-stores and online) is the pick-me-up we all need. It combines lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus to soothe muscle tension or provide much needed headache relief. Take care of yourselves! My hope is that these gifts can be used intentionally and enjoyed thoroughly. 

Erin’s Picks 

Spreading some Toronto-made pride with these present picks. The Toronto Makes book really emphasizes how creative this city truly is, so I wanted to gather some gems that I love to recommend made right here at home. Stephanie Cheng screen printed posters ($35, in-stores with a small selection online) get creative with white space, shapes, and movement, bringing her sports illustrations to life (you can feel the anxiousness in her illustration capturing Kawhi’s buzzer-beater wait). Woman art prints are also available and a gorgeous gift, particularly for a creative’s workspace. (If you’d like to learn more about Steph, we recently caught up with her to learn more about her inspiration and creative process. Check it out here!) Lisbeth’s handmade Joelle freshwater baroque pearl necklace ($75, currently only in stock in Leslieville; come by soon!) is my absolute favourite. Each baroque pearl carries a unique shape and imperfections that play just as well with a classic capsule wardrobe or a more modern trend-setting closet—a modern classic. East end Toronto’s Gotamago offers up some adorable mini blank notes ($16.95 for 12 mini notes, in-stores only) that make for a thoughtful and practical stocking stuffer. Finally, Toronto’s Pomp & Ceremony transforms gorgeous Liberty of London fabrics into fun bowties ($60, in-stores only) that add a little flair to any holiday outfit. Bowties link at the back for those who prefer not to retie the bow but for those who prefer to tie their own, that’s an option, too. Pocket squares ($32) and neckties ($80) are also available. We recommend mixing and matching fabrics for even more stylish pattern play.

Hannah’s Picks

Category is: CHRISTMAS QUEENS! Have everyone on your list saying “Shantay, You Stay” when you buy them The Game of Queens ($22.50, in-stores only), a hilarious game based on the greatest show ever made RuPaul’s Drag Race! Why not add in a hand-painted rainbow ornament (to ensure the whole family has a gay old time! Pick up the Chipper Things “Making it up as I go along” tee ($45, in-stores and online) for the person in your life who just started taking improv classes and literally won’t stop talking about it. It says “I’m happy you found a new passion but please stop inviting me to your weird shows!” So cute! Finally, toss a couple Odeme nail polishes ($15, in-stores or online) in everyone’s stockings, your sister, your bestie, your dad, your aunt Diane—we have so many pretty colours in right now that there is something for everyone! My personal favourites are Elisa and Grenadine. Need more ideas? Pop in to the shop and we’ll make sure you “Sashay away” with something great!

Featured image courtesy of @eastendtoronto via Instagram

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