10 Journals + Planners we Love for a Productive Year Ahead

cute journals, planners, and agendas for 2023

Although the world of prep and planning has gone digital in most ways, there’s still something special about putting a pen to paper to set your intentions and reflect. The start of a new year means that it’s almost time to find your perfect 2023 journal - one that reflects your workflow and your personal style, and hopefully can create good habits and skills along the way. At Scout, we’ve got some unbeatable 2023 planners, agendas, and journals that are focused on finding joy in your day-to-day while maintaining an organized and intentional life.

Wrapping up 10 of our favourite stationery gems, here are 10 journals and planners we’re currently obsessed with:



Built for the bright and cheerful, this planner is as vibrant as you are. Decorated in joy-inspiring graphics, inside you’ll find sections for daily, weekly, and monthly plans, as well as a handy year-at-a-glance, goal-tracking, and notes sections. Adding fun to the function of your everyday plans, this super cute planner also comes with sheets of playful planning stickers, a pocket folder, and is dotted with inspirational quotes to keep you motivated.



A hardcover notebook that is as durable as it is beautiful, this dotted grid notebook from Studio Oh is perfect for the organized list-maker and writer. It features six tabbed sections, allowing you to divide your writing into sections and keep your ideas in order, binded with a sturdy twin ring that allows it to lay flat for writing ease (I’m looking at you, left-handed pals). 



A journal for the self-reflective soul, Meera Lee Pate’s Made Out of Stars journal encourages readers to recognize and embrace what makes them truly special. Intended to bring a boost of self-care to your writing and reflecting time, this beautifully designed journal provides an intimate opportunity to understand yourself and start your year with a 2023 journal of self-love. 



Sorted by weekly, monthly, and yearly sections and tabbed for easy navigation, this aesthetic planner is spacious and flexible for you to manage your schedule in ways that work best for you and your productivity. The weekly spreads have dotted grids to keep your planning in line from January to December. Spiral bound and stunning in both colour and design, this adorable mushroom planner will make you want to sit down, set your goals, and focus on your upcoming and incredible year ahead. 



Separated into the weeks of the year, this 52 lists for bravery journal will take you on a journey of self-love, bravery, and resilience through the empowering practice of listmaking. Prompting you each week to create meaningful learnings within your life, the practice of list writing allows you to face the unknown, look inward for courage and strength, and spend time focused on your life’s goals and intentions.



Journaling with instruction and intention is one of our favourite ways to work on the practice of writing and reflecting. This guided journal for self-love walks you through 100 prompts and encouraging stories that will allow you to explore self-love and healing in all aspects of your life. You’ll dig into your passions and purpose, reconnect with your body, mind, and heart, and spend your journaling time learning how to treat yourself with more kindness and love. A great addition to what is bound to be an already wonderful year. 



A 2023 planner that’s the perfect size to tote to the classroom or the office, this sparkling, gold-foiled cover is bound to bring a touch of brightness to your every day. Complemented with gold hardware, this journal is both fun and functional, filled with daily, weekly, and monthly sections for planning, goal tracking, notes section, and stickers. Designed with a creative and colourful person in mind, this sun and moon spiral planner is sure to brighten (and organize) your year. 



With 192 pages of self-reflection, the Quiet Your Inner Critic Journal will inspire kindness, calmness, and self-discovery in your new year. Derived from the widespread recognition that your inner voice plays a large role in your mental health, this journal helps you reframe your inner conversations to bring transformational love and acceptance into your life. Guided to help you write your worries aside, this journal is both beautiful and transformative, and perfect for a start to your “new year, new you”. 



A journal for the creative soul who prefers whimsical and artistic journaling over traditional, line-by-line format. The Be Here Now journal showcases originality from cover to cover, with a unique bi-level design offering two sections for you to draw, write, list, and journal in unconventional ways. This journal is soft-cover and intrinsically designed with original artwork and creativity at its core. 



If you’re in a rush to get out the door but still want to make time for yourself, this two-minute-a-day prompted journal allows you to be intentional with your time and your thoughts. Simple and beautifully illustrated, this morning journal is structured with categorized questions for you to have a quick morning reflection, making the most out of your day by exploring your goals, accomplishments, relationships, and inspirations. 

If you’re not a morning person, you could try THE BEDTIME JOURNAL, structured similarly to the morning journal but with the intent to set your mind and soul at ease for a restful sleep. With quick prompts and simple reflections, this journal allows you to rest easy knowing that you’ve spent time and energy focused on bettering your days, weeks, months, and year ahead.


No matter your preference for planning, writing, creating, or crafting, making intentional time to put pen to paper is always good for your wellness and mental health. As the new year approaches, so do new opportunities to grow and learn through the art of writing, planning, and reflecting. Whether you’re taking a quick moment in the morning or spending hours with your daily planner, the benefits of making time will always be clear - and finding the perfect 2023 journal or planner for you and your style will be the start of something good. If none of the above speak to you, have a peek are our full list of planners + calendars here! Cheers to a thoughtful 2023!

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