Our Favourite Puzzle Picks This Month

Our Favourite Puzzle Picks This Month

Looking for a way to unplug, wind down and enjoy yourself while doing a simple but cosy activity? We highly suggest that you spend time with us in today’s post as we share our favourite puzzles to do at home this month. 

Puzzles are so versatile that they can be enjoyed as a solo activity or they can be introduced on game night as a family friendly way to create memories! The benefits of the puzzles span across the realm of enjoyment as they also give you a healthy mental boost, enhance your mood and can improve your visual and spatial reasoning. At Scout, we carry a wide range of fun activities and games so we can ensure that there’s a little something for everyone! 


Illustrated by London-based Irish artist Laura Callaghan, this puzzle honours the vibrant world of painter Frida Kahlo. This art jigsaw puzzle is inspired by her life, art and career as an artist who was deeply inspired by natural landscapes, mythology and indigenous Mexican culture. Callaghan reimagines scenes from Kahlo’s life, depicting friends and family along with scenes and references from her works that may be familiar to those who dabble in art history. This 1,000-piece homage serves as an engaging introduction to her groundbreaking body of work while also offering a beautiful final product that you can both marvel at and learn from!

Available in-store and on Scout’s online store for $29.99. 


New from Rifle Paper Co, this beautifully detailed puzzle is certain to activate your patience and eye for detail. Enjoy the process as you piece together the relaxing garden scene that it offers, all while getting into a creative flow. This 500-piece puzzle will offer you an opportunity for generative alone time as you relax after a long day. All Rifle Paper Co puzzles are thoughtfully packaged in a sturdy box that can be reused for gifting or storage!

Available in-store and on Scout’s online store for $48.00. 


London-based Swedish artist Sara Andreasson has teamed up with the Canadian company, Four Point Puzzles, to create a puzzle that is just as stunning as it is challenging. In her work, Andreasson uses bold graphic language and expressive colour palettes to explore themes of the human body along with women’s issues and gender equality. This 1,000-piece square puzzle features Sara’s Fade illustration which is “part of a series of work that focuses on form, and the application of bold colour applied with a gradient pattern.” 

It is a more difficult puzzle (ranging from medium-hard) as the colours in the gradient are subtle in areas but all it takes is time, curiosity and care to reach the incredible final product!

Available in-store and on Scout’s online store for $38.00.


 Created by artist and Capricorn Claire Shadomy, this 500-piece tarot card puzzle is sure to excite those interested in the realm of spirituality and mindfulness. Printed with eco-friendly inks and colours that are bright and eye-catching, this celestial-themed tableau depicts different tarot cards from The Empress to The Star. Wish for good fortune as you piece this one together with loved ones or as a blissful activity for yourself!


Available in-store and on Scout’s online store for $35.00.



 When it comes to creating unique puzzles, Galison never disappoints! This two-sided 500-piece puzzle features amazing aerial photography from Los Angeles-based photographer Gray Malin. Shot from a doorless helicopter, this image is a celebration of summer as it depicts a Waikiki beach on one side and a lush beach scene from Kauai on the other – all enjoying the possibilities of a beautiful day! As we slowly enter wintertime, this is a great way to keep ourselves warm with memories of life-giving natural light and clear blue skies while cosying up indoors.


Available in-store and on Scout’s online store for $35.00.



 Brought to you by the New York Puzzle Company, this 1,000-piece puzzle illustrated by artist Ebony Bolt is sure to help you scratch that travel bug itch. Titled City of Dreamers, Bolt created a stunning tribute to the NYC Transit subway map. With the five boroughs of the city and its everyday inhabitants as reference, the puzzle is filled with colorful scenes of iconic buildings, monuments and sites. Bolt does a beautiful job in encapsulating the spirit of a city that represents possibility, hope and solidarity. It is a great way to stay inspired when times are rough, while staying active with a puzzle that keeps your attention with ease.


Available in-store and on Scout’s online store for $32.95 (restocked expected Dec.)



 Inspired by vintage ephemera, Cavallini & Co. has launched a series of puzzles that will pull on your heartstrings with their rare and beautiful designs. One of our favourites in the series is a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle that features a vintage arboretum chart for those with a soft spot for the beauties of the natural world. With illustrations that are based on tree specimens and lush greenery, we’re certain that you will have a peaceful time receiving wisdom and imagery from this interactive activity. As an added environment-friendly bonus, each puzzle is stored in plastic-free packaging!


Available in-store and on Scout’s online store for $32.95 (restocked expected Dec.)



 Cloudberries is a design-led puzzle brand that prioritizes the environment. For every puzzle sold, Cloudberries plants a tree. They’ve committed to a partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, “a non-profit that exists to help reforest some of the world’s most fragile environments”. Their puzzles are also made from recycled paper and board, and even their boxes are made with sustainably sourced paper. So with Cloudberries, not only are you able to enjoy puzzling together beautiful designs, you can also feel good about the company you purchased it from. 


Available in store and on Scout's online store for $36.95




If you were hoping to cater to your littles one with a puzzle that will both educate and captivate them, here are some of our rapid fire favourites from the award-winning company Mudpuppy: 


  • In collaboration with the company Mudpuppy, illustrator Lydia Ortiz created a puzzle that aims to introduce children to important faces in art history. Packaged with informational inserts about the artist and its companion image, this puzzle pick is excellent for children ages 8 years and up!

    Available in-store and on Scout’s online store for $22.95.

  • Perfect for a tiny one with an eager spirit (ages 4+), this Three-Toed Sloth Mini Puzzle features “a realistic image of a Three-Toed Sloth in its natural habitat”. With only 48 pieces, this puzzle is budget-friendly and perfect for on-the-go fun if you need to keep your little one occupied and happy. It also includes fun facts about the animal and was printed with nontoxic inks.

    Available in-store and on Scout’s online store for $8.95
  • This 100-piece double-sided Animal Kingdom puzzle is a great activity for a night in with the family! One side includes colorful animals and the other side is bold in all black and white shades. It’s the perfect way to wind down while learning and enjoying an activity that will help produce beautiful memories while spending time indoors! Recommended for children ages 6 and up! 

Available in-store and on Scout’s online store for $25.00. 


Our puzzles move fast but we always have more on the way. View our whole collection here and fill out the notify me box if a favourite is sold out, and you'll be the first to know when it's restocked! Be sure to tag us in your puzzle photos on instagram @iheartscout

 Featured photo courtest of Tegan Harmonay





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