Organic + Mindfully-Made Goods for Wee Ones

We're proud to have tons of organic baby clothes, non-toxic baby toys, and all-natural baby products at Scout!

It should come as no surprise that at Scout, we’re obsessed with bringing in only the best for our littlest customers. We have a wide range of organic and mindfully-made goods for your wee ones, including organic baby clothes, non-toxic baby toys, natural baby products, and so much more. We’re proud to boast some incredible and inspiring makers behind the adorable displays of baby items in our store. With an exciting restock of Spring arrivals coming through our doors for kids and babies, it’s the perfect time to dive into the makers and brands that bring quality (and
adorable!) baby products to you.

LouLou Lollipop

Loulou Lollipop organic baby clothes and toys.

Designed to love, born to last - LouLou Lollipop has spent 8 years in business curating safe and sustainable baby items. Breaking the industry mold for safety and durability with their first-ever products (silicone teethers), they’ve been intentional from their inception about intertwining aesthetics with high-quality infant and children products. As a maker, we hold LouLou Lollipop close to our hearts, because their business is committed to a family-first focus that takes the worry out of what is sometimes a stressful shopping experience. Knowing that you can feel good about every baby and parent's tried-and-true product in their repertoire means that you can focus on simply picking out the pieces that fit in best with your beautiful fam. 

Wee Gallery

Wee Gallery organic, non-toxic baby toys.

Specializing in non-toxic baby toys that are safe and sustainable, Wee Gallery was founded on years of research to support your little one’s growing mind. Created by two inspired parents who were fascinated by the idea of helping their own little one’s brain develop through visual play, Wee Gallery toys offer a fun and creative world of animal and nature themes, thoughtfully designed to entertain and educate. With each stage of a child’s development at the forefront of their creations, their collection of puzzles, toys, teethers, and more focus on the little people that are the most important to us. As makers, their investment into understanding the science and brain development behind each of their innovations makes them stand out to us in this industry, as each toy is intentional and created with love.

Caaocho Toys and Teethers

Caaocho All-Natural baby bath toys.

Designed in Canada, babies are the heart and soul of this brand dedicated to creating 100% natural toys for modern tots. Started in 2013, Caaocho is a family-owned company based in Vancouver, where they are inspired by the land and sea to create toys and teethers for Canadian kiddos. With a core belief in using pure, natural materials at every turn to support your baby’s health, their rubber toys and teethers are non-toxic sensory tools for babies and families to love and trust. Creating little characters that become part of the family (you know, the one your baby latches onto and never wants to let go of), their founding beliefs of creating non-toxic and baby-focused fun has fuelled their success in the baby product industry, and is the reason why we love them so much here at Scout. 


Substance all-natural baby skincare.

A secondary brand under Toronto-based Matter Company, Substance is a luxe range of all-natural skincare products specifically made to be mindful of your baby’s skin. After pursuing environmental studies and being inspired by a profound interest in the natural world, founder Denise Williams used her knowledge and interest in the traditional practices of herbalism to create products that were new to the market, and good for your skin. These chemical-free, natural baby products, such as sun care, rash ointment, soothing lotions, or even products for postpartum parents, are made with safety and sustainability (and your precious family) in mind. 


Mimi + Moo

Mimi and Moo all-natural, organic baby toys.

Handmade in Vancouver, BC, Mimi + Moo makes plush and crinkle toys made entirely of organic materials. Adding a touch of cute magic to any nursery with whimsical-themed products, this addition to our shelves is as sweet as it is special! When it comes to the first few years of life, taking pride in the materials and safety of the items your baby interacts with each and every day is a good feeling. With products from Mimi + Moo, you can be assured that the materials have been vetted by a maker that puts baby first in all of their creations. The fact that each individual product is still handmade here in Canada goes to show the dedicated care and love that goes into each and every one of Mimi + Moo’s little toys and trinkets.


Papoum Papoum

Papoum Papoum organic baby blankets.

With a company name inspired by the sound of a little heart beating, it is easy to trust and understand the dedicated care that goes into Papoum Papoum products. Based in Quebec, this maker has been in the business for 14 years, creating soft and unique little loveys to bring comfort and security to your wee ones. The heads of their adorable animal-themed blankets are stuffed with Canadian sheep’s wool which absorbs the scent of the house or the parents, providing comfort to your little treasure wherever they might go. It’s literally the perfect security blanket!

We also love that sustainable development that respects the planet is one of their most important values. The entire manufacturing process is carried out in Quebec using high-quality materials including organic cotton sherpa made locally in Montreal, carded wool from Canadian sheep, and polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. Even their packaging is made from recycled and recyclable cardboard. With every step of production ensuring Canadian-made goods, from design to the end result of each handmade creation, these eco-friendly and baby-safe stuffed animals will naturally become a loved addition to your family. 


When it comes to baby products, it is important to know who is behind the business you’re buying from, finding comfort in knowing that their mission and values are in alignment with yours. When it comes to the makers we welcome onto the shelves at Scout, we vet each one to make sure that we’re providing something we’re proud of, and happily boasting businesses that stand tall amongst the crowd.

Pop into our store to shop our newest arrival of one-of-a-kind, mindfully-made toys, clothes, and products for the little ones in your life. We’re happy to help you find something everyone in the family is bound to love.

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