Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2021

Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2021

Spring has arrived! Bluebell flowers are blooming and Mother’s Day is fast approaching. We are excited for this opportunity to honour those who make us feel cared for, protected, and seen. Today, we’re excited to share our Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2021 to help make shopping a little easier for you. The beauty and warmth of springtime, especially during the pandemic, has brought a whole new dimension to this May celebration.

Mother’s Day is a day with expansive meaning, a day for those who model care in a way that sustains those around them. Here’s to the mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, new mothers, spouses and every unconventional caregiver that makes life a little easier. To help you show your appreciation and shop local this season, here is our curated selection of gifting suggestions, all available for purchase online for delivery or curbside pickup! We also carry a wide selection of Mother’s Day card options—browse the collection here

For the On-the-Go Mother

These days, it seems that being a mother on-the-go has taken on a whole new meaning during the pandemic. With the parameters around in-person schooling constantly shifting and life continuing as COVID-19 cases rise, many parents are giving time and energy into helping their children adapt to newness with a sense of normalcy and tenderness. That’s why we’re opening with gifting suggestions that focus on the practical. 

For the mother with a heavy plate, we recommend the Sling Pouches from Bellroy, an Australian accessories brand focused on functionality and longevity. This sling is perfect for keeping your essentials in reach and organized while ensuring that hands are free for easy navigation throughout the day, perfect for a family day trip or quick errand with the little ones. With an expandable side gusset, the bag is as slim as can be but can also fit a variety of essentials with a stretchy mesh slip pocket for smaller items. The standard size fits a wine bottle while the Sling Mini Pouch snugly fits two beer bottles. While each size has its own cohort of colourways, they both share the leather-free Limestone option for our vegan friends. Made with recycled plastic bottles, its water-resistant woven fabric emphasizes the company’s focus on durability. Bellroy is a certified B-Corp meaning that it is committed to considering its social impact on the environment at every stage of its manufacturing and sales process. Designed in Australia, a portion of the company’s revenues support organizations that uplift and support the lives of humans and animals. This is the perfect pick that focuses on function and ease; a great way to let someone know that you’re thinking of them and all that they carry throughout the day!

White female stands in a parking lot slipping a cell phone into their crossbody City Pouch by Bellroy

Riding the same wave of practicality, we also recommend the Kinto Travel Tumbler! Kinto’s modern designs are perfect for those living consciously. Their tumblers are vacuum insulated, easily retaining heat and the cold while preserving the aroma and flavour of your drink of choice. Structurally designed to stop ice cubes and hot drinks from spilling out, these are great for enjoying a hot tea or refreshingly cool drink while moving through the day. For days that are active and more relaxing, check out Kinto’s Day Off Tumbler! It has the same benefits as its counterpart when it comes to retaining flavour and temperature with a comfortable rounded handle that is great for day trips or walks around the neighbourhood. The vibrant colours of this collection are inspired by a beach resort, making it a must-have accessory for days off with the family.

 Collage of two photos stitched together, one a hand reaching out onto a coffee bar to grab a white travel tumbler and the other a photo of two kinto travel tumblers on a bench with two people sitting on either side and greenery in the background

For the Memory-Keeping Mother

This season, we’re thinking of the sentimental mothers during this time of uncertainty. Memories can make us feel grounded, hopeful, or just a little less alone when we can’t be with our loved ones. Your future self will always thank you for documenting the moments that may have felt mundane at the time but represent profound chapters in our lives and the lives of those that we love. That’s why we recommend Chronicle Books’ keepsake journals (there’s an option for mother/son and an option for mother/daughter) for those in our lives with younger children! Each journal is no-stress and no-rules, filled with thoughtful writing prompts and mini quizzes meant to encourage conversation and creativity. The Just Between Us mother/daughter journal (perfect for ages 9 to 12 years) leaves open-ended space for question-asking, perfect for those who have ever wondered: What did my mom think the moment I was born? Or where would my daughter would go if they could go anywhere in the universe? The Just Between Us mother/son journal (perfect for ages 10+) was made with a similar spirit of openness while sharing prompts that discuss topics such as: growing up, from friendships and school to positive masculinity. It is as open-ended as its counterparts with pages for drawing, list-making and free writing. It is a great way to open up conversation while also honouring milestones and memories. Written by a mother (Meredith Jacobs, the award-winning coauthor of the Just Between Us series) and her children, Jules and Sofie Jacobs, each interactive book creates space for engaging discussions between a parent and their child—a heart-warming gift to honour and invite them to document their special bond.

Just Between Us journal lies open to a page with blue and orange doodles while two lay on a white background showing off the brightly coloured covers

If you love this and have someone in mind with an even younger child, check out the Together: Mommy and Me Colouring Book from Penguin Random House. Illustrated by Stacie Bloomfield, the illustrator behind the popular children's brand Gingiber, the book offers one page for the parent and one page for the child as a way of encouraging side-by-side magic making through art! Filled with a variety of animal illustrations, the parent-child duo will have shared fun as they identify whales, narwhals, foxes, deer, giraffes and so many more creatures. With 26 illustrations for moms and 26 illustrations for kids, this book provides adventure and comfort. Printed on high-quality, premium paper, every 8x10 page is perforated and removable, so that your finished creations can be framed once completed!

Collage of images of the Mommy and Me colouring book cover, colouring pages, and the maker, Stacie, with their children

Images courtesy of Gingiber

For a Mother's Day Self-Care Package 

While little treats are excellent ways to engage the special mother-child relationships that you witness in your life, we’d like to explore options that are primarily mother-focused. The people in our lives that are givers of care deserve their own little celebration and treats that remind them of their beauty in our lives. 

Speaking of beauty and care, check out Sḵwálwen Botanicals for your Mother’s Day gifting. Sḵwálwen (skwall - win) is an Indigenous business focused on creating botanical skin care products that honour traditional Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) plant knowledge. Made with sustainably sourced plants and organic ingredients, each of their products has a Squamish name to uplift the place where the plant knowledge originated from. The story behind this Indigenous-owned brand elevates the significance of their products as they are rooted in the lineage and experiences of founder Leigh Joseph. Sḵwálwen Botanicals’s Pa7pawtn Nettle Muscle Salve is a great introduction to this thoughtful brand. Made with nettle and arnica, both natural anti-inflammatory oils, this salve helps to reduce pain and soothe sore muscles. The tingly sensation of the peppermint oil will make the experience of using this salve healing and restorative. To add something sweet to someone’s daily ritual, we also recommend their Tewin'xw Cleansing Clay. This dual-purpose cleaning clay blends together kaolin, Moroccan and French pink clays, powdered rose petals, lavender, calendula and rosehips. It can be used as a daily exfoliant to restore skin texture and as a mask treatment to tackle impurities and leave skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. 

Collage of Skwalwen Botanicals cleansing clay and muscle and joint relief salve

Aromatherapy is another way to approach self-care, especially for someone with a busier schedule. The right scent can change the energy of a space, your mindset, and body. If this resonates with you, check out Paddywax’s Essential Oil Diffuser. This sleek and ceramic diffuser is a beautiful addition to the home. Dispense a few drops of essential oil in water and create a relaxing experience for yourself or let the scents flow in the backdrop of your day. This electronic essential oil diffuser comes with an AC power cord, a measuring cup, user manual and has an auto turn-off function for easy and efficient use.

Gifts for Grandma

On Mother’s Day, we can’t forget grandma! If you’d like to give the gift of comfort, we recommend the thoughtful selection from Vancouver company New Moon Tea Co. Founder Christine draws inspiration from the ancient art of herbalism to inspire balance and a deeper connection to nature through her company’s products. Made with 100% organic ingredients in small batches, the gift of a hand-blended farm-to-cup tea is a unique way to warm hearts and show that you care. 

Their Cream of Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea is a great place to begin. This flavour takes the familiarity of a classic Earl Grey and blends it with orange peel, cornflower petals, and natural bergamot. This mellowed out rendition elevates the sweetness a little while honouring the flavour’s original appeal. To inspire relaxation and renewal, check out their Relax and Renew Loose Leaf Tea—a calming blend made up of chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, and cornflower petals. The harmonious notes of lavender and chamomile help to slow down the mind and body, aiming to reduce stress and tension. Each offering from New Moon Tea Co. is great for inspiring your loved one to slow down and enter ritual—check out what we have in the shop here!

If you’re looking for a little extra, turn this gift into a little care package by pairing it with a beautifully made mug from Danica Studios. Their stoneware Gala mugs feature a beautiful embossed design and a soft colour palette to make tea time extra special. Microwave and dishwasher safe, caring for these pieces is extra easy. Available in two tones (terracotta and cloud), this added treat is a great way to reflect back the care and presence that your grandmother, or a beloved elder in your life, offers.

For the Eco-Friendly Mother

Making eco-friendly shifts in our daily lives is deeply rewarding but can be difficult as we sift through old habits and learn about which alternatives work best for our individual lifestyles. Here are a couple options for the mother in your life who is focused on sustainability! 

For an eco-friendly staple that makes a noticeable difference, check out Ten & Co.’s Beeswax Wraps. Not only are these wraps breathable, washable and reusable but they keep food fresh longer as a result. These wax wraps stick to themselves, creating an easy seal to preserve your food. An easy and natural alternative to plastic in the kitchen, Ten and Co.’s wraps are made using 100% Organic Cotton in Hamilton, Ontario. Each 3-pack is local, eco-friendly, and beautifully designed with patterns that will bring unique colourways into their kitchen. 

If you’re interested in more gifts for waste-free living, try out Well Kept! Over two billion plastic razors and cartridges are discarded annually in the U.S. alone and Well Kept aims to reduce this number by offering sustainable shaving solutions. Their safety razors have been a customer favourite as they are gentle on the skin, decreasing irritation and discomfort. For a unique and practical gift, check out their Safety Razor Kits! Each kit comes with a brass safety razor in cream or blush, 4 oz shave oil, an agave exfoliating cloth, and a pack of 5 replacement blades. Packaged in a gorgeous wooden box, this is a great way to incorporate a little luxury and ease to mom’s much-needed self-care time. 

A Little Sparkle and a Pop of Colour

What better way to say “thank you!” than gifting something that sparkles! The Toronto-based company Biko is great for the person in your life who has a love for jewelry that is both minimal and modern. Their Waterway Necklace is a subtle but powerful statement piece that captures the beauty in simplicity. Hand cast, the necklace comes in either 14K gold or rhodium plating. They also carry earrings that capture the same essence, such as their Small Streamline Hoops. These earrings are also hand cast in 14K gold or rhodium plating and come with hypoallergenic posts for those with more sensitive ears.

For those seeking to gift some jewelry with a pop of colour (and an opportunity to support a small, local brand!), check out the beautiful earring selection from Hello Clementine. Founded by Toronto-based maker Leanne, Hello Clementine began as a quarantine craft project and evolved into a love of all things polymer clay. Each piece is an expression of polymer clay’s range in style, shape, texture and colour. 

Hello Clementine’s Laura earrings are a great way to introduce someone to this thoughtful brand. Custom-pigmented, rolled, cut, sanded, drilled and assembled from the comfort of Leanne’s own home, these earrings are an ultra-lightweight statement piece that will bring excitement to the collection of your loved one. And if you love this pair but feel they might like a more elevated and textured style, check out the Paige earrings! Each pair is available in different colours with nickel-free stainless steel posts.

Kitchen Goodies 

For many, the kitchen is the way to the heart. Now that we’re spending so much time indoors, a gift that is focused on elevating decor and ambience may be much-appreciated. To start, Xenia Taler is the perfect maker to look at when it comes to finding unique and vibrant ways to add colour into your home. The Bamboo Cabana Dinner Plate Set comes with four dinner plates that will be perfect for patio gatherings or picnic days. Bright, bold and beautiful, all of Xenia Taler’s designs are unforgettable. 

Another great option for kitchen-inspired gifting comes from the company Havyn. Havyn focuses on hand-printed, eco-friendly textiles. Artist Paula Lukey has created a heart-warming gift option with the Ontario Tea Towel. Hand screen printed in royal blue, the artist has gathered references that are so familiar and intrinsic to our beloved province. Featuring The Northern Blue Jay, the epic CN Tower, Niagara Falls, and an abundance of Variegated Hostas, Berries, Echinacea Flowers and Monarch Butterflies, this beautifully designed tea towel is an homage that will brighten up their kitchen. It is fast-drying, easy to clean and a reusable alternative to disposable paper towels.

Need More Ideas?

Hopefully, this gift guide sparked inspiration and presented you with options that are as unique as they are meaningful. We've also put a collection together here for some other nice ideas. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to slow down, express gratitude and honour every caregiver and individual that holds space for us when times get tough. And now more than ever, supporting small businesses is an important way of engaging with your community and stimulating the growth of your local economy. Check out the Leslieville BIA COVID- 19 Business Directory and/or the Roncesvalles Village Business Directory to find out which one of your favourite brunch spots will be available for Mother’s Day take-out or to find a flower shop for the perfect bouquet. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out by email and/or visit our most frequently asked questions here for any shipping-related concerns. We’ll always do our best to help in whatever way we can! 

This care-focused holiday reminds us of our community and the way that we’ve been uplifted by customers during these ever-changing times. Thank you for showing up and continuing to support us. We know that this holiday can be challenging, especially for those who are dealing with loss, distance, or any other emotional obstacle that flares up during Mother’s Day. With our re-entrance into lockdown, we are thinking of our community and the many ways that we can hold space for every emotion. To those who are struggling within these circumstances—we see you. We hope that you are able to slow down and be present and compassionate to all that is coming up for you during this time.

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