How to Slow Down Time & Make the Most of Summer

a guide on how to slow down time and make the most of the remaining days of summer.

Oh the Canadian summer, sometimes it feels like it passes by in the blink of an eye! As the season of warmer days gradually comes to an end, there's a palpable feeling of urgency to savor every moment before the season is gone. I’m sure we've all experienced the phenomenon of time seemingly racing by when we least want it to – time really does seem to fly by when you’re having fun!

But what if we could alter our perception of time and make the most of the remaining summer days while they’re here? Living these remaining days with mindfulness and intention can not only make the clock slow down, but you’ll also be able to truly immerse yourself in the moments that matter, making for great memories you’ll be able to cherish forever.

In the spirit of keeping the summer season around as long as possible, here are five practical ways that can help you slow down time and embrace the beauty of each passing day.

1) Counteract Routine with New Experiences

Have you ever noticed that time appears to speed up when you're stuck in a monotonous routine? Days blend together, and suddenly, weeks have passed without notice and you’re wondering how it’s already August?! This is because our brains tend to process routine activities more efficiently, so we tend to go about them unconsciously, resulting in “lost time”.

To counteract this effect, infuse your life with novel experiences to keep things fresh and exciting! Seek out activities you haven't tried before, explore unfamiliar places, or challenge yourself with novel hobbies. Support your local community by exploring different neighbourhoods with friends and loved ones. Here is a list of our favourite LGBTQ+-owned businesses and community hubs we love supporting to get you started on your bucket list! By introducing novelty into your days, you engage your brain's attention and create distinct memories. As a result, your perception of time will slow down, allowing you to mindfully indulge in the moments that make up your summer.


2) Take Meaningful Action

Time seems to slip away faster when we neglect our goals and passions. Remember that unfinished knitting project or untouched novel on your shelf? They serve as a reminder of time's elusive nature when we don’t put our attention toward the things that matter most to us. Engaging in meaningful action not only gives purpose to your days but also elongates your perception of time. When you invest time and effort into something you care about, you're more likely to remember and appreciate those moments.

With this in mind, make sure to take the initiative to pursue the activities that resonate with you. Whether it's starting a new creative endeavor like painting, or starting a new routine, your conscious efforts will stretch the hours of your summer days. You can also explore our Fun + Games sections for some wonderful summer activities to keep the September Scaries away!


3) Journal to Practice Reflection and Mindfulness

Journaling is a powerful tool not only for slowing down time, but also for creating lasting memories. When you put pen to paper and document your thoughts, experiences, and emotions, you're not only reflecting on your life but also anchoring those memories in your consciousness. By engaging in mindful reflection, you can savour each day's unique nuances, transforming ordinary moments into lasting memories. Plus, having a cute journal to jot your thoughts down in will make you look forward to pulling it out every day!

The act of journaling forces you to be present, allowing you to appreciate and pay attention to the details that often go unnoticed. As the summer season comes to a close, you'll have a collection of memories to look back on, each page a testament to your conscious effort to make time meaningful.


4) Do Things One at a Time

In a world filled with constant distractions, notifications, emails, and multitasking, it's no wonder time seems to slip away. When you divide your attention among various tasks, your brain struggles to retain a sense of the passing hours. Embracing mindfulness and focusing on one task at a time can help slow down time and make each task more meaningful. If you struggle with a mindful approach, The Mindfulness Card Deck is a great starting point to help you bring more moments of calm and intention into your day.

By immersing yourself fully in an activity, you heighten your awareness and appreciation of each moment. This approach not only stretches your perception of time but also enhances your creativity and performance. So challenge yourself to break the habit of multitasking and experience the luxury of fully engaging in one task at a time. 


5) Start Saying “No” More Often

Our days are often filled with commitments that don't align with our true desires. This lack of control over our time can contribute to the feeling of time slipping through our fingers. By learning to say "no" more often, you can make more time for your “yeses”! You’ll regain control over your schedule while allocating your time more intentionally. That way you can prioritize activities that align with your values and passions so you can feel more engaged and energized.

We are BIG fans of putting physical pen to paper here and find that having a dedicated wall calendar to list upcoming plans keeps the excitement high while helping to prioritize what matters most. As you embrace the power of choice, you'll find that your days become more fulfilling and time slows down as you become the curator of your remaining summer experiences.


As a final thought, we’ll say that the art of slowing down time lies in our ability to be intentional, mindful, and proactive with our actions. By countering routine with novelty, pursuing meaningful passions, and intentionally going about our day, we can reclaim control over our time and make the most of the remaining summer days while they’re here. We hope that you thoroughly enjoy what’s left of the summer. Remember that time is a canvas waiting for you to paint it with vibrant, unforgettable moments. Happy August everyone!!

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