Scout Staff Holiday Picks for 2021!

Scout's holiday gift guide is here! With top picks from the Scout staff, we're sure you'll find something to gift for your partner, friends, or family.


The shop is overflowing with so many wonderful brands, it can be overwhelming trying to find that perfect something for that someone special. We asked our staff to share some of their top picks in the shops right now to help you on your search for that *just right* gift you’re on the hunt for!


Leah's Picks

The owner and the buyer; Leah hates to pick favourites, but here is a little selection of some of the items in the shops that have her (me haha) most excited recently.

Leah's picks for Scout's 2021 holiday gift guide.


Erin's Picks

Our Store Manager extraordinaire Erin has been working with us since 2018! They started out as a regular Scout customer and how lucky were we to bring them on board when our second location opened. Here are some of the items making Erin jump for joy these days.

Erin's picks for Scout's 2021 holiday gift guide.


Doreyjean's Picks

Doreyjean started with us the Summer before pandemonium hit. She was just getting used to the flow when we went into a lockdown. She ended up taking on so much during the pandemic we moved her into our first Senior Sales Associate position this Fall! She also started to take on window merchandising in the Summer and she's a natural! Here are some of Doreyjean's picks you'll find at Roncy. 

Doryjean's picks for Scout's 2021 holiday gift guide.


Pearl's Picks

Pearl has been a Sales Associate at Roncy since 2019. She started as a seasonal employee and has been with us ever since. Lucky us! Pearl always surprises us with her past times; current past time is watching car detailing videos. Here are some of her favourite non-car-related items currently in the shop.

Pearl's picks for Scout's 2021 holiday gift guide.


Kate's Picks

Kate started up with us this past Summer working at both locations when we reopened. Since she started we've learned Taylor Swift will always be playing when Kate is working. Here are some non-Taylor related and surprisingly non-cat related things Kate is eyeing in the shops.

Kate's picks for Scout's 2021 holiday gift guide.


Abbey's Picks

Abbey also started with us after the Summer lockdown came to an end. She bounces from Leslieville to Roncesvalles, helping out at both locations and we are so happy to have her on our team! She has a contagious laugh and is a receiving machine. Here are some of Abbey's picks from the shops. 

Abbey's picks for Scout's 2021 holiday gift guide.

Kimiko's Picks

Kimiko started up with us over this past Summer at our Roncy location and has been such a joy to have in the shops. She is a master crocheter and a lover of all things tea. Here are a few of Kimiko's most coveted items in the shop right now!


Hopefully this handy little list from the Scout experts will help to inspire some gift ideas for you this holiday season. This team is so hardworking and just a joy to have in the shops. They all put so much love and energy into the business and I feel lucky to have found them all. ✨ My magic little dream team✨Send them some encouragement and words of positivity next time you're in the shops! They deserve it!


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