Gifts for Each Zodiac Sign

gift ideas for each zodiac sign

The desire to know your loved ones deeply is something that astrology lovers and avid gift givers have in common. Gift giving is an art form. To do it with thoughtfulness and intention means to understand the recipient and their wants, interests, and genuine excitements. Astrology, on the other hand, dives deeper into the personalities and behaviors of people, deriving meaningful insights from the stars.

In astrology, each zodiac sign represents one of 12 specific constellations that the sun passes through. Each person’s zodiac sign aligns with the constellation that the sun was in when they were born, and people born under the same constellation (aka zodiac sign) are believed to share similar traits and quirks. How neat!

So, if the stars can predict personal traits, unique qualities, and energies of a person, why aren’t we using this more for gift giving? If you’re feeling stuck on an idea, or are gifting to someone you might not know too deeply, following the traits and special quirks of their zodiac is a great place to start! Not only will it show care and intent for understanding their star sign and how it plays into their life, but you’re likely to choose something that resonates with them and the sign they align with.

Whether you’re shopping for a gentle water sign or a spritely fiery friend, Scout has some great gift ideas for each zodiac sign!



Bellroy Venture Hip Bag

Aries are known for adventure. As passionate and fiery people, they live life with a certain air of determination and courage, taking life by the horns and doing so proudly. The Bellroy Venture Hip Bag is a no-fuss companion for any adventure (and backed by a 3 year warranty so if the chaos of an Aries lifestyle gets to it, you’re covered). 


Luxury Wild Herb Candle

Loyal, reliable, and responsible, Taurus’ hold the heavy weight on their shoulders of being the “strong ones”, so what better than a self-care moment to gift them a piece of reprieve? This PF Candle Co. Wild Herb Tonic Candle is an earthy fragrance, hand-poured to give a luxury feel to a high-quality candle, and to offer a luxurious moment to the down-to-earth life of the Taurus you’re gifting it to.


A Piece of Creativity

Gemini’s are known and loved for their curious and outgoing personalities. Coupled with their drive and determination, this inquisitive way of living life calls for some moments of reflection and calm. As creative beings, we recommend something small and crafty to bring out the best of a Gemini’s focus and curiosity. Depending on what interests them, a great gift for a Gemini is something to get them focused on their flowing creativity, such as painting, cross stitching, clay art, and more. 


Plant Terracotta Kit

Known as nurturing and compassionate souls, Cancers are perfect plant parents. Gifting them the opportunity to nurture the caring side of their zodiac traits, this plant terracotta kit gives an opportunity to watch their love continue to grow. Choose from Bonsai, Aloe, or Prickly Pear Cactus plant kits to help them cultivate their inner caregiver while gifting them a cute piece of long-lasting decor for their space.


Sunray Necklace

Leos are fiercely protective and full of sunshine. Known to be big-hearted and calm souled, a Leo in your life is a special treat! Remind them of the sun that shines from their soul with this Sunray Necklace, gifting them an easy everyday piece to wear and represent the luminous energy that they bring to others. 


A New Journal

Known to be logical and practical in their approach to life and love, Virgos benefit from a bit of organizational chaos and extra attention to detail. To help them feel put together and on top of their to-do list, we love gifting Virgos a journal or notebook to give them a fresh start and let them flex their practicality muscles with a pretty new book to write in.


Elevated Tea Towels

We’ve never met a Libra that didn’t instantly give off cozy vibes. Known for being a friendly, balanced presence in the lives of others, they give off an aura of calm togetherness. Gifting a Libra something sweet and subtle to brighten up their living space is a cute way to show your understanding of their put-together aesthetic and way of life, while also giving them something practical to utilize in their cozy home.


The Game of Storytelling

Loved for being emotionally in tune and being the go-to-person for in-depth heart to hearts, Scorpios are natural talkers who love to connect and communicate. The Game of Storytelling will allow them to engage their intense get-to-know-you need through creative prompts that get you chatting about the lives you’ve lived. 


Reusable Tumbler

Known for being adventurers, risk-takers, and people who value independence, Sagittarians long for new experiences and connections with themselves and the world around them. Often on the go, we love suggesting a practical gift for the Sags in your life. A Reusable tumbler is something everyone will use in their lifetime, but a high-quality and thoughtfully chosen one as a gift from a loved one means that your thoughtfulness will be brought on every adventure with them.


Puzzle Date

If you’ve ever tried to complete a difficult puzzle, you’ll know that it takes a special kind of dedication and grit to get through the backache and get to the beauty. Capricorns are ambitious and hardworking people, loved for their determined energy and strategic planning mindset. A good way for a Capricorn to find a moment of relaxation is to still have a task at hand, so puzzles are a sweet self-care style gift to let the Capricorns in your life settle into something fun and just for them. 


Something to Read

Aquarius are highly intellectual and creative, praised for their big ideas and even bigger goals in life. With so much to learn, Aquarians are fuelled by interests and obsessions. Finding a book that relates to their life is a sweet way of gifting learning and quiet moments to your loved ones. Whether it be self-help, personal essays, a story you can’t put down, or anything in between — Books will always be at the top of a gift list for an Aquarius.


Library of Bath Milks

This water sign will thrive with a gift that helps them take time to sit and relax in the water where they feel most at home. Pisces are emotional beings, known for being sensitive and vulnerable while offering compassion and love to those around them. Often overwhelmed by feeling all of the feels on any given day, a gift of rest, relaxation, and reflection is just what a Pisces pal needs.

When it comes to picking out the perfect gift for someone, sometimes all you need to do is find the right inspiration to get yourself started. Zodiac signs, whether you believe in their powers and influence or not, are a simple place to start. Come visit us in-store at 405 Roncesvalles Ave or 1140 Queen Street East to get your star-inspired shopping started, or peruse for inspiration online at

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