The Joy of Gifting Giving: Gift Ideas Under $40

Gift ideas under $40 are easier find than you might believe! Here are our top picks at Scout.

Gift giving is one of the greatest joys in life (this might be biased, but I think it’s true). When it comes to finding the right gift for the special people in your life, you don’t have to break the bank! Inexpensive gift ideas are all around, you just need to know where to look (hint: it’s at Scout).

Gifting is all about the thoughtfulness behind it — big or small, showing someone that you’ve thought of them is an act of kindness that we strongly encourage. If you’re not sure where to start, feel free to stop by our store and we can always help pick out the perfect thing for that special someone.

You can also check out our online collections of curated gifts by budget to narrow down your search.

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  • In the meantime, we’ve gathered some of our faves under $40 to spark your gift giving excitement and inspire your next thoughtful “just-because” moment.


    Greeting Cards
    From $6

    This is what Scout is known for. Share meaningful messages in a beautifully designed card that will be sure to brighten anyone’s day! We have so many card options that it will be easy to find the perfect one. From funny to sappy, intricate to simple, and everything in between, our greeting card options are endless. 

    Plus, don't forget about our sale card bin with options $5 and under! IYKYK. ;D


    From $12

    A great gift for aromatherapy fans and homemakers alike. We have a number of incense fragrances and decorative incense holders. We LOVE suggesting gifting a holder and some incense together to create a cute little set, especially as a housewarming gift.


    Danica Mugs
    From $12

    Mugs make great gifts because they are decorative, personal, and end up being useful for the recipient. Have you ever made your morning coffee in a mug that you’ve been gifted and enjoyed the little spark of joy you get when you remember who gave it to you and why? It’s one of life’s sweetest gratitude moments. We have a selection of designs in this collection of Danica mugs to choose from.


    Hand Stitching Felt Kits
    From $22

    These kits are a fun gift idea for the creative folks in your life. Adding a new crafty project to their list, gifting one of these hand-stitching felt kits is like gifting a little bit of “me time” to the recipient. With a handful of designs to further personalize this gift, these will make forever mementos of your thoughtfulness when they are all done being made.


    From $22

    We have a host of incredible jewelry makers who fill Scout's shelves with sparkly things that we love. With pieces in different styles and options available at almost every price point, jewelry is a lovely little piece of kindness to share with someone you love. It also shows that you pay close attention to the style and specifics of your recipient - such a lovely feeling!


    From $27

    One of our best-selling gifts, and for a good reason. We have a huge stock of puzzles to choose from, giving you options to match the art with the personality of your gift recipient. Puzzles provide a pretty way to sit down and enjoy some quiet time either alone or with the people you love. They are also something most folks wouldn’t buy for themselves, but will always enjoy if they have around. 


    Homecoming Candles and Room Sprays
    From $30

    Homecoming is a small batch candle company based in Vancouver, BC making all-natural soy wax candles to fill your home with a breath of fresh (really good smelling) air. These candles are perfect for luxury at a lower price point. Their essential oil fragrances fill rooms and make for perfect home-making gifts. 


    From $35

    Slogans, art, Toronto landmarks, and more! We have so many fun and city-specific designs to choose from. We love recommending t-shirts as a gift for people who have just moved to Toronto or are moving away because of the sentiment of the city within many of the designs. T-shirts can be a great go-to gift for any occasion, big or small, and we carry inclusive sizes and a variety of designs to suit anyone’s gifting needs. 


    Library of Bath Salts or Library of Bath Milks

    What’s better than one gift? A library of them. These bath salts or milks come in sets to give the gift of luxurious self-care time over and over again. Gifting sets like these allow the recipient to enjoy your gift more than once. Reminding them that their self-care matters and is on your mind, gifting one of these bathtime sets will show your care and concern for their essential pampering time. 



    We update our sale section regularly, so if you’re looking for a little something for a special someone, look no further. Check out our sale section for markdowns and deals that will help fill gift bags forever and ever. 

    We have already gone on and on about what gifting means to us, and we will continue to shout our excitement about it from the rooftops. Scout was made for the gift-givers in all of us. We offer a unique selection of a little something for everyone, and pride ourselves on being a perfect place to peruse for gifting inspiration and excitement. 

    Still not sure where to start? Come say hi! in store and we will be more than happy to help.

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