Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

Two Roland Pine tin candles lit in front of festively dressed holiday parcels with red ribbons

“Any gift suggestions for someone who seems to have everything?” It’s a question we’re asked often and we understand the struggle. While they might have everything they need, you still want to treat them to a unique gift they’ll love. It’s no easy task but we’ve gathered some of our top suggestions for gifts that are a little bit different and less likely to be something they already have.

A Challenge with DIY Craft Kits 

Kiriki fox embroidery kit with all pieces laid out on a white table

Photo courtesy of Kiriki Press

Encourage curiosity and the development of new skills with a do-it-yourself craft kit for that person who has everything but maybe hasn’t tried their hand at making everything. We have a few options to offer up, from a variety of Kiriki embroidery kits ($20–$30, in-stores and online) for those with different skill levels, to cross stitch kits that contain everything including the hoop from Diana Watters handmade ($25–$35, in-stores and online), and even Make Your Own Ukulele and Harmonica kits from Kikkerland ($38.95 and $15, in-stores and harmonica available online). Stop in-store to see all we have to offer or browse our crafts collection online.

The Moon Puzzle You May Have Seen on Instagram

Two hands piecing together Four Point Puzzles' circular moon puzzle

Photo courtesy of Four Point Puzzles

The 1,000-piece moon puzzle from Four Point Puzzles ($35, available in-stores and online) has been making its rounds on Instagram as a statement piece in interior design with its circular frame but it’s also a fun challenge for the person who loves puzzles—particularly because no two pieces are alike and there’s no square border to begin from when solving this one! Puzzles are also a good idea for someone looking to lower stress. They can also help to improve memory and problem-solving skills, keeping downtime productive while also offering a warm activity for those colder winter days. The image of the moon used for this puzzle, which shows all the cracks and craters in stunning clarity, is courtesy of NASA and stands as the clearest image of the Moon to date. The Toronto-based company also offers replacement pieces in case a piece just happens to disappear.

A New Ritual from Modern Sprout

Hand pouring boiling water from a glass kettle to brew a cup of chamomile tea

Photo courtesy of Modern Sprout

Let Chicago-based Modern Sprout do the gift curating for you. Featuring a self-watering grow kit and high-quality, thoughtful items to match, Modern Sprout’s gift boxes ($69.95, available in-store at our Leslieville location only) encourage calm and purposeful rituals that help the recipient slow down a little. Modern Sprout also donates a percentage of profits to the Pollinator Partnership for ecosystem protection while also partnering with the Heartland Alliance, which helps to provide employment opportunities for Chicago’s most vulnerable residents, all alongside a sustainable business model, so your gift supports the health and happiness of more than just the recipient but the planet and the people creating the kits as well.

A Little Handmade Warmth with Northern Watters Knitwear

Three pairs of Northern Watters knit mittens laid in a row

Photo courtesy of Erin Torrance

Handcrafted in Prince Edward Island, mittens from Northern Watters Knitwear ($40–$60, in-stores only) are perfectly practical for those who have everything, and who couldn’t use an extra pair of mitts? Northern Watters uses yarn spun from 100% pure British wool, which contains the natural oil lanolin for water repellency. This type of wool is also a little heartier, helping these mitts stand up to a little more wear and tear. Traditional bubble knit options are a good classic choice, while the thrummed mittens, which use a technique to weave tufts of wool inside the mitts that mats over time and creates an inner lining, are a good option for colder climates or the person whose hands could use a little extra warmth. Looking for a gift to mail? These mittens are the perfect option, being lightweight and durable enough to keep postage costs down and worries of damage in shipping along the way to a minimum (just make sure you send them out soon!).

A Signature Scent for the Holidays

Roland Pine votive candles lit amongst festive decor

Photo (and feature photo) courtesy of Soap and Paper Company

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—when Roland Pine candles roll back into Scout! Always popular among customers and a holiday favourite among staff, Roland Pine candles ($16.95–$40, candles in-stores and online; more options available at Roncesvalles and online) feature a cozy fir, pine, and cilantro scent. It’s perfect for homes with artificial trees or those who host often during the holiday season. The new six- and three-ounce tin candle versions also make it easier to send this iconic candle in the mail if needed (we can always ship directly to the recipient if purchasing at Scout online; just let us know in the notes that it’s a gift and if you’d like to include a personalized message). It’s the perfect gift to convey the love and warmth you’re hoping to give to those who seem to have everything else they’d ever need. The holiday signature scent also comes in a diffuser, incense sticks, or a fragrance oil for those who prefer alternatives to candles.

A Gift of Their Own Choosing

Flat lay of two holiday cards and a Scout gift certificate on a wooden backdrop with a festive rope decorated with felt mistletoe

Photo courtesy of Erin Torrance

Still don’t see an idea that strikes you as the perfect option for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list? Leave the choice up to them with a Scout gift certificate (any amount, in-stores only) tucked inside a nice card. My favourite part of any gift is the card. Scribe a little message of kindness inside, reminisce about a special moment you experienced with them this past year, or list your favourite inside jokes. There are plenty of humorous and heart-warming card options available at both stores and a selection online, and gift certificate amounts are customizable, so you can give whatever amount you feel fits your budget. We love seeing our gift certificates come in and helping the recipient pick out something that is perfectly suited to them.

Have an idea of your own? Share it below in the comments and keep the list growing!

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