Create Space: Design Tips for Your Outdoor Space

A parent and child sit in the sun on a beach, wrapped in sweaters and a Turkish towel, smiling while a golden lab dog sits beside them

Now more than ever, the
benefits of spending quality time outdoors are coming into focus. We're excited to be able to spend our time in the sunshine with people we love. Whether you are spending time with your loved ones from the comfort of your own backyard, with a dreamy picnic in the park, or a refreshing stroll by the lake, it’s the perfect time to liven up your outdoor life and invest in products that will well prepare you for any outing. If you, like so many of us, have been feeling cooped up and you’re looking for inspiration to make the most of your time outside, these fantastic products would be sure to do the trick!

Backyard Entertaining

Spending an evening in the backyard? There’s nothing like feeling like you’ve escaped to your own little speakeasy, even if you’re only a few feet from your home. You can level up your bar cart with ultra chic barware from The Modern Home Bar. We love their unique geometric and floral designs, they'll make you feel like you're at an exclusive restaurant in the city!

Available in-store and on Scout’s online store for $12.95.

Lake Outing


During the warmer months, we’re all called to the water and the outdoors. A rejuvenating stroll along a shoreline can offer fresh air and the opportunity for a refreshing dip. We recommend taking along a transitional Lualoha Turkish towel. Offered in a variety of different colour schemes, these soft, lightweight towels are perfect for drying yourself off after a dip during the summers but dry up quickly enough to double as a blanket or shawl to toss around your shoulders for added warmth when the lake breeze is a little too brisk. Spread it on the ground if you’re stopping for a picnic or wrap yourself up for a little added warmth as the temperatures cool down. The possibilities for this comfortable product are countless!

Available in-store and on Scout’s online store, with prices ranging from $40-45.


Picnic Essentials

The only thing better than planning a scenic outing for yourself and your loved ones is preparing some delicious food and drinks to accompany the trip. The customer favourite So Young Inc. paper coolers are stylish, easy-to-clean and will keep your picnic essentials fresh for when you’ve found the perfect spot to set-up. The bags even come equipped with extra pockets, messenger straps and removable inserts for cleaning. Based in Canada and founded by Catherine Choi, So Young Inc. envisions these bags as tools for wellness in planning a rejuvenating picnic at the park!

Available in-store and on Scout’s online store, with prices ranging from $40-44; ice packs also available at Scout Roncesvalles and online for $13.

For Birthday Celebrations

Celebrating our loved ones on their birthdays is so important. With these English Garden birthday banners from Meri Meri, you’ll have the perfect way to celebrate another trip around the sun. Available in lovely floral lettering and made from eco-friendly FSC® certified paper, you can’t go wrong with this celebratory party decoration. We've also got garland you can personalize for any occasion being celebrated!

Available in-store and on Scout’s online store for $22.95.

For Your Green Thumb

When you're trying to curate the perfect atmosphere, the details matter. Modern Sprout’s seed starter kits are a great way to make your space more inviting, and a way to engage your green thumb as well. These entirely eco-friendly and easy-to-use kits give you the chance to take part in something meditative, and the end result can be displayed in your outdoor space. The Genovese basil kit and Thai pepper plants can be a good pick in this late season to start inside and transplant to a pot in a sunny window before the first frost for some fresh ingredients through the fall.

Available in-store and on Scout’s online store for $9.95.

Outdoor Eating

When one is curating a comfortable dining environment, presentation is key. That can become even more of a challenge when the environment you’re dining in is outside of the comfort of your own home, whether it’s on a picnic or just on your back patio. Available in several different fun designs, we highly recommend the bamboo plates from North York-based brand Xenia Taler. Free of PVC, BPA and all phthalates, these plates are as eco-friendly as they are colourful. The plates come in sets of 4, and are certain to be a perfect centrepiece for your outdoor eating.

Available in-store and on Scout’s online store for $55.

Need More Ideas? Browse Our Shop & Get Creative!

We hope these ideas help you make the most of the nice weather. Use this article as a jumping point for revamping your environment wherever you go, allowing yourself to thoroughly enjoy the rest of the season as you please. 

As a community, we can't forget to nurture the individuals that we are made up of. We must not forget to take care of ourselves, as well. If you’re seeking more ideas, we encourage you to browse our Home Goods section online or reach out by email with requests or concerns, and we’ll happily help you out as best as we can. Enjoy your time in the sun!

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