Six Cozy Ideas To Warm Up During Fall

Rows of amber glass soy candles with simple kraft labels offer a warm light, resting on a marble countertop

There’s something so special and nostalgic about autumn. I’ve always appreciated the details that come with the season: the sound of leaves crunching beneath your shoes; sipping on a seasonal drink as you watch pups run freely in public parks; the art of bundling up and layering, trying to find the perfect combination of thrifted sweaters and thick wool socks; watching spooky Halloween-themed movies with friends as you bake something sweet to enjoy. In between all of this, there’s finding the balance between spending time outdoors and indoors, especially on the chillier days. Home becomes more of a sanctuary, a place to truly enjoy the spirit of the season.

However, I understand how difficult it can be to create this generative space for yourself. Many are working from home, still trying to draw the line between work and pleasure. The external circumstances are constantly shifting, but we believe that it is possible to create a space that allows for moments of warmth and ease, even as we all try to redefine the tempo of everyday life. I invite you to join us as we share some of our favourite product picks and methods for cozying up this autumn.

1. Keep Yourself Relaxed

A cozy Dot and Lil bath sachet flat lay on a bathtub organizer with a soft white towel and opened notebook.

What better way to relax indoors and switch up the scenery than to unwind and run yourself a bath? At Scout, we offer a variety of pleasantly scented products to spruce up your bathtub experience! We recommend the Montreal-based retailer Dot & Lil, who offer a few different scents of bath milk—ranging from Bergamot to Lavender & Hibiscus—specifically designed to soothe and soften your skin. Packaged in vintage-style bottles, they are sure to match the serenity of your ideal bathtime escape. If you’re looking to take a calm, stress-reducing bath free of preservatives, parabens and phthalates, look no further than these delectable bath milk options. 

Available in-store and online in glass bottles for $22.00 or smaller sachets for $12, perfect for testing out the scents.

2. Keep Yourself Busy

Three colourful Ridley puzzle packages stand lined up in a row on a white background; basic product shot.

If you’re worried about staying occupied as the temperature starts to drop outside, we can’t recommend enough Wild + Wolf’s bright variety of puzzles that would be perfect for a cozy Sunday in with your family, your significant other or even just as a personal activity! As beautifully designed as they are educational, the subjects of the puzzles include inspirational women, endangered animals and cat breeds for the cat lovers. Bundled with a poster guide to keep you on track, each 1000-piece puzzle will have you forgetting the time of day with how much fun you’ll be having!

Available in-store at our Roncesvalles location or online for $26.95 (Leslieville curbside pickup available).

3. Keep Your Head Clear

Charcoal incense sticks lay lit atop a teakwood side table with simple warm-toned home decor and a vase set nearby

Atmosphere is very important when it comes to ensuring your comfort and mental health as leaving the house becomes less of a possibility. To guarantee the perfect atmospheric shift, we recommend PF Candle Co.’s various types of incense. Made in California and equipped with 15 sticks per package, lighting a stick of this incense is certain to transform the vibe of any room at any time of day. The products that Scout offers, including PF's Golden Coast and Amber + Moss scents, are hand-dipped in charcoal “using fine fragrance oils and dipropylene glycol (DPG), a synthetic base commonly found in body care and home fragrance products”. On a stuffy evening in, be sure to light one of these up and you’ll feel the results immediately!

Available in-store and online for $14.00.

For a more Fall-specific scent, we recommend the Woodsmoke + Amber candle from Sydney Hale Co. Handmade in Virginia, these soy candles have a 50-hour burn time and will make you feel like you’re sitting right by a wood burning stove, no matter where you light it. Additionally, 10% of the company’s profits go directly to a number of different dog rescue organizations, so the candle’s warmth will extend past your home.

Available in-store and online for $40.00.

4. Keep Yourself Warm

Two clay and deep navy handmade ceramic mugs sit on a wooden bench with a Canada Shield wallpaper design as the backdrop

A cozy morning indoors on a chilly Fall day would be incomplete without a cup of your warm drink of choice! At Scout, we offer carefully and gorgeously crafted mugs from Toronto-based artist and educator Annika Hoefs. As described on her website, “each piece is handmade with the intention of enhancing everyday experiences for the user.” In particular, we recommend the elegant Burst Ceramic Mug, which is available in White or Midnight and will look and feel great as a part of anyone’s wake-up ritual.

Available in-store and online for $48.00.

5. Keep Yourself Grounded

Flat lay of an amber Happy Spritz aromatherapy bottle on a white desk with simple modern black and white home decor surrounding

As you may have noticed, we believe that the scents in your home are essential for creating a comforting atmosphere. That’s why the aromatherapy sprays from California-based company Happy Spritz are great for cementing the tone of your day, whether you’re searching to relax for a good night’s rest, or are hoping to ease into your morning, Happy Spritz has you covered. Made with 100% natural, vegan and kosher ingredients, these essential oils will help you feel in complete charge of your day while being environmentally conscientious. Lately we’re big fans of Breathe Deeply for its naturally antibacterial aromatherapy blend. A little spritz on your mask will keep it feeling fresh as you wear it throughout your day. The peppermint also helps with stress and provides relief from allergies and colds.

Available in-store and online for $28.00.

6. Keep Yourself Engaged

Aerial view of 52 Lists for Togetherness journal held gently in two hands with a cozy rug and raw wood table in the background
Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess (link to their review)

Lastly, we can’t recommend enough that you stay in tune with your needs and the needs of others while we’re all in this unconventional situation together. Symbolically, autumn often represents abundance and harvest: a time to celebrate what we are thankful for and to share with those around us. Try making lists of activities and practices that bring you joy, expressing appreciation for the things you may normally neglect in your fast-moving lives, and most importantly, consider giving back to people and organizations who are also in need of cultivating a safe and loving environment. In the spirit of last year’s reflections on the blog, we still believe gratitude is key to enjoying this cozy season. With that in mind, we’ve included a list of some organizations that are accepting donations:

The Toronto-based Encampment Support Network is an “ad-hoc, volunteer-run network of neighbours building community and supporting people living in encampments in six locations throughout Toronto,” and they are always looking for volunteers and donations. They can be reached through their email, with donations also accepted through their Patreon.

Sistering is “a multi-service agency for at-risk, socially isolated women and trans people in Toronto who are homeless or precariously housed.” They offer a wide range of services and resources including harm reduction kits, personal hygiene and clothing, free meal service and housing referrals. You can learn more about their work and donate through their website

Hard Feelings “is an innovative, welcoming community of professional counsellors who provide low-cost services and support.” Located on Bloor West, they also function as a storefront selling a thoughtfully and professionally curated selection of books, resources and self-care items that provide guidance on how to build stronger mental health. Although their storefront is currently closed due to COVID-19, they have moved their services online and are currently accepting donations through their website

This is just a short list of incredible organizations that are working hard to ensure that vulnerable communities feel safe, loved and taken care of. There are so many individuals and groups that are doing this important work and we honour them all in our hearts. If you have an organization that is dear to you, we would love to hear about their work in the comment section! In this time of harvest, there is so much we have to learn from one another and we are constantly humbled by the truth that we are much stronger as a community.

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