8 Canadian Jewelry Makers you’ll Find at Scout

8 Canadian Jewelry brands you'll find right here at Scout!

As we happily welcome the cooler weather and the falling leaves (and pumpkin-flavoured everything), Scout is busy filling the shelves with some well-loved Canadian jewelry brands. As our fall arrivals trickle in, we are keeping a mindful eye on some of your favourite makers. It's always exciting to see the diversity of styles and stories that these makers bring to the table, and we can’t get enough of these special, sparkly pieces.

Here are 8 Canadian jewelry makers you’ll find on our shelves!

1 | Kara Yoo

kara yoo jewelry in toronto


Based in Vancouver, Canada, Kara Yoo designs every piece’s intricate details in-house. With a strong focus on simplicity in its design, Yoo’s pieces showcase striking silhouettes and classic, go-with-anything features. With a background in commerce and metalsmithing, the brand’s approach to design is rooted in modularity and simplicity. As an Asian and woman-owned business, they work with and support other Asian, POC, and women-owned businesses, and proudly present themselves in their keen belief that their pieces are made to wear day in and day out. 

2 | Hart + Stone

hart + stone jewelry in toronto


Surrounded by nature in Salt Spring Island, BC, Hart + Stone’s designs are derivative of the beauty around them, pulling motifs from the mountains, trees, oceans, and beaches. Founded in 2014 by a lifelong artist, Emily Hartwell Reynolds, each piece is handcrafted using recycled gold and silver, sourcing raw materials from ethical mines to create their minimalistic and geometric designs. Built for adventurers, explorers, and lovers of the earth, this collection reminds us to find beauty and inspiration in every corner of the earth.

3 | Frug 

frug jewelry in toronto


Behind the vibrant and mystic jewelry designs at Frug is a strong mission of community and collectivism that drives the maker’s brand forward. With each piece made from upcycled vintage wears, Frug focuses on sustainability while maintaining charitable actions and supporting causes that allow other artists to flourish. Their designs are bright and cheerful, with a twist of distinctive, individualistic style, pulling inspiration from vintage jewelry to create their one-of-a-kind pieces.

4 | Moonlight for Violet 

moonlight for violet jewelry in toronto


If you’re looking for some jewelry to brighten up your wardrobe or bring colour into your everyday life, Moonlight for Violet is the place to start. Their art-deco inspired, floral and fun motif runs through each individually handcrafted piece. Founded in 2009, MFV was born out of a love of geometric lines and bright colour, intended to playfully accent eccentric and loud styles and self. Bringing her cheerful energy to every piece, Moonlight and Violet’s Founder, Shannon, brings unique, loud, and easy-to-wear statement pieces to her collection. 

5 | Hailey Gerrits Designs 

hailey gerrits jewelry in toronto


Celebrating beauty without sacrificing sustainability or style, the unique gems and aged metals in each Hailey Gerrits design builds a romantic collection that is inspired by vintage brasses and antique jewelry. Channeling the stories behind each historical piece, Gerrits has spent 12 years as a maker, working in small batches in her Vancouver studio, creating collections that respect the people and planet alike. Enhanced by the infusion of modern designs into these century-old legacies, each individual piece shines with quality, spirit, and imagination.

6 | Biko

biko jewelry in toronto


A modern jewelry brand that is hand-crafted with love right here in the heart of Toronto, Biko is inspired by nature, contemporary art, architecture, and travel. These visions flow effortlessly through each design, with a high level of craftsmanship shining through the luxurious materials and timeless aesthetic. With a hint of exotic heirlooms from around the world trickled into each detail, Biko’s collections marry symbolic design with intent-fuelled detail, natural stones, and hand-cast forms to create everyday wearable pieces made by a Torontonian maker and her expert team. 

7 | Lisbeth Jewelry

lisbeth jewelry in toronto


Originally from Vancouver, BC and now designing and crafting in Toronto, Lisbeth’s founder, Sophie, created her brand out of her passion for design and desire to create pieces that were missing from her own personal collection. Made in-studio or produced by small, family-run companies overseas, each Lisbeth piece showcases timeless minimalism and simplicity intended to pair at ease with anything in your wardrobe. Each piece is intently built for the everyday jewelry wearer and lover, designed with modern, airy, and sometimes dainty craftsmanship that pairs thoughtfully with those who thrive with a simple and sleek look.


8 | Wolf Circus

wolf circus jewelry in toronto


Wolf Circus is built for the bold and fearless, with each piece delicately handcrafted by their talented team out of their Vancouver studio. Committed to building and nourishing ethical and inclusive practices, the use of high-grade recycled metals, freshwater pearls, and lab-created gemstones encapsulates the essentials of classic style and everyday wear. Exploring sculptural motifs in their statement pieces, the art of Wolf Circus’ craft shines through each stone and setting for a unique addition to your wardrobe that is bound to become a conversation starter.

The changing of the season always brings new makers, designs, and local finds to Scout’s shelves, and we are proud to support each of these impressive Canadian jewelry makers as part of our business. As new stock continues to flow through our doors, we mark down older items, making sure we are bringing the best and brightest things to you year-round. 

Be sure to check out our sale section, both in-store and online, to find new additions in the coming weeks, and as we welcome Canadian artists and makers from coast to coast through our doors, we welcome you to shop these local, Canadian-made jewelry makers that we love (and you will too).

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