10 Ways to Bring Bold Colour into Your Home

Here's how to add bold colours into your home.


Bringing colour into your home can be super intimidating! How do you know which colours to use or how to incorporate them? The key thing to remember is that your home is your own - it is unique to you and should be treated as such. How do certain colours make you feel? What do you want to come home to every day? What colours are calming for you? There is actually a lot of psychology behind colour selection in interior spaces. For instance, soft blues and taupes tend to be calming whereas bright reds are alarming.

Below is a list of ways to bring colour into your home in unexpected ways! Typically you hear about bringing colour in through artwork, throw cushions and textiles, and this is absolutely true, but there are a few more creative and unique ways of bringing in colour that you can tailor to your own space while using hues and tones that speak to you.



Design by Stafford House Studio | Photography by Jess Imrie

We all know that an all-neutral palette is classic, and we typically recommend this as a foundation to ground any space, especially when it comes to investment pieces like a sofa or sectional. Layering is so important to build interest, texture, contrast, and this is where colour can come in. One of our favourite things to do is add in one accent furniture piece that is a bold colour, pattern or has an interesting texture. We even suggest finding a second-hand vintage piece and re-upholstering it with your favourite fabric. Reupholstering a beautiful piece is a fairly inexpensive way of changing things up so your space can grow with you and your family.



Have you ever seen green, pink or blue stone? Some natural stones like marble and onyx are found in bold colours. If used in the right way, like with one showstopper piece such as a custom fireplace or floating vanity, an application like this will stand the test of time. If you’re not ready to commit to a built-in piece, there are many colourful stone or terrazzo table options available and even second-hand options that can be incorporated into a contemporary space.



Boy, do we love pottery! Earthenware comes in all shapes, sizes and colours and is such a great way to bring in pops of colour to your home. Whether it be a stack of dishes or a plant pot, having a collection of pottery that speaks to you can add layers of visual interest to any space.




Yes, paint, but not what you’re thinking. Paint is an inexpensive way to achieve great results and bring bold colours into your home, but we’re not suggesting painting your walls cobalt blue. Instead, highlighting architectural details like casings, baseboard and wall panelling is such a chic way of adding colour in the right amount. Even just picking one door, like a front door, and adding a pop of yellow or green to your entryway. Low cost, huge impact!




We love scouring second-hand stores for dining chairs! New fabric and some paint can make a world of difference and bring your dining room to life. You can even play with a combo of fabrics and even use textiles like Kantha blankets to give every chair a personality of its own! There are no rules here, so have fun with this!



Light fixtures are such a fun way to bring colour into a space! Hanging pendants, wall sconces or flush mounts - these are all great opportunities for colour and interest. Don’t be afraid of being bold here, you can be as playful as you want and even go with a simple and classic shape in a vibrant colour and it can make a world of difference.




Design by Stafford House Studio | Photography by Kiely Ramos

Companies like Kitch and Semihandmade offer beautiful and colourful components to fit Ikea kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This means you can have the green kitchen of your dreams on a budget! Even if you didn’t want to commit to colour head to toe, you could mix in a green island with white or black perimeter cabinets and have just enough of a pop to keep things interesting.


8 | TILE

Design by Stafford House | Photography by Kiely Ramos

Tile offers an opportunity to bring in colour, pattern and texture to any space! A backsplash, entry floor or shower tile are all great areas to take risks and bring in a colour that you love. Remember, strong colour doesn’t always have to be bright! A moody forest green, warm ochre or merlot are all beautiful tones to incorporate into any space.

Design by Stafford House Studio | Photography by Jess Imrie



One of the best and most inexpensive ways to bring colour into any space is by swapping out your typical metal hardware for something fun and colourful! Hooks, pulls and knobs come in a variety of colours, finishes and materials and can be a really fun way to transform any furniture piece.



Outdoor spaces are so underrated! An outdoor patio dining or lounge space is the perfect opportunity to bring in fun, bold and colourful pieces. Think of a bone table with dining chairs in marigold or kelly green to complement its surrounding landscape. Even adding in floor cushions or a bold outdoor rug can make all the difference and brighten up any patio. Don’t forget lush plants and herbs like lavender and citrus to add another layer to your oasis.

Taking risks and adding colour to any space can be daunting and overwhelming, but can also be extremely rewarding. Trusting your gut and understanding your likes and dislikes can help make the process more approachable and enjoyable. Colour can be so much fun to play with and can transform any space to suit your desired atmosphere and end result. So, if you love colour and are looking to add some pizzazz to your space, don’t be afraid to colour outside the lines!




Stafford House Studio is a full service boutique interior design studio co-founded by Nicole Bechbache & Sydni Hoffman. The design pair joined forces in 2020 after collaborating on a number of projects and realizing they thrived as a team, bringing their unique vision and experience to each project. Based in Toronto, Canada, the highly talented and creative design team works on high end residential and commercial projects and has work featured on a variety of television publications including multiple episodes of Property Brothers: Forever Home and the upcoming HGTV show The Great Giveback with Melissa McCarthy and Jenna Perusich.

With a focus on thoughtful and classic design, Nicole & Sydni approach each project with care and passion. With a love of materiality and a keen eye for detail, the duo enjoy mixing old and new and find inspiration through architecture, fine art and worldly travels, transforming spaces that are timeless and curated. Visit their website and follow them @staffordhousestudio on Instagram.


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