You Care Too Much Book

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Self-care™ has become a buzzword— Listicles, Instagram, and GOOP remind us to take a break, treat ourselves—we deserve it. But it’s not enough to hear Gwyneth say that, so matter-of-factly, without it feeling like it’s just another thing we’re expected to make time for, another thing we should be doing well. What happens when a hot bath or pedicure aren’t enough? Where is the guide that will lead us to real healing, in the moments we need it most? 

These are the questions that inspired seventeen contributors to tackle the meaning of self care—and the very related theme of caring for others—in their own lives. The result is a dynamic and surprising collection about the great search for our best selves.

You Care Too Much features work by Tallulah Fontaine, Winnie Truong, Anabela Piersol, Brooke Manning, Angela Lewis, Jessika Hepburn, Leah Horlick, Vicky Lam, Jen Spinner, Christina Yan, Adina Tarralik Duffy, Kathryn Bondy, Erin Klassen, Sofia Mostaghimi, Nada Alic, Naomi Moyer, and Mo Handahu.

Edited by Erin Klassen + Art Direction by Jen Spinner.

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