Who Should I Be With? Game

School of Life

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From The School of Life, the Who Should I Be With? game is a set of cards designed to help you answer the essential question "who should I spend my life with?"

When we try to imagine who we should ideally be with, we're often a bit vague: we might say we long for someone 'fun', 'nice' or 'cute'. But it can help to focus the picture a little, because the more we know about who we in particular really want and need, the better we can be at setting out to find them. Who Should I Be With? is a game designed to sharpen our sense of what we should be looking for in love. It includes 53 cards that each describe some leading habits and character traits in people. Each card has a character trait on one side and the opposite trait on the reverse; listing the pros and cons of each to help guide you to more successful choices in love. Sort through the cards yourselfor play with a friend for the opportunity to laugh at our imperfections and the paradoxes of choice. The Who Should I Be With? game is a realistic, insightful and often funny tool to help us form better relationships.

Example Card:

  • Oddly Tall
    + They've learned to carry it off; imposing/heroic; acquired compassion for anyone outside the norm.
    - They'll always be conspicuous. Residual sense of being freaky will reveal itself. Hotel beds too small. Long haul a nightmare (unless rich).
  • Surprisingly Short
    + Neat, delicate, pattable; they've coped with this challenge - they'll cope with lots of others; they know it's character that counts.
    - Suppressed resentment. Overcompensation. It will always be something people notice. Might shout a lot in public.


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