Strong Girls Guide To Being Journal


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When school, friends, family, and life become stressful, teens and preteens can forget they’re worthy, beautiful people, capable of achieving whatever they set their mind to. That is why it’s so important for girls to cultivate mindfulness. This guided journal encourages them to practice exercises that promote positive changes, including carrying out random acts of kindness, noticing small moments in their day that bring joy, practicing gratitude, unplugging and unwinding from technology, and so much more. Girls will be inspired throughout with quotes and short biographies of notable women in history who have changed the world. As they write, and follow the simple exercises on positivity, girls will gain a sense of calm, ignite their imagination, and become the best, happiest, and strongest version of themselves.

This journal prompts you to:
  • Try power poses that display confidence and strength--and create your own!
  • Bring more positive emotions into your life by jotting down the things that make you laugh—like an inside joke with your BFF
  • Dream big, by coming up with the wildest, more outrageous goal you can imagine
  • Gain confidence by writing a go-to statement that helps you face challenging moments