Breathe Deeply Aromatherapy Spray

Happy Spritz

$28.00 CAD

100% natural aromatherapy sprays created for both men + women from Happy Spritz each serve a different purpose to help you throughout the day. Breathe Deeply™ is a crisp, minty + refreshing mix of pure peppermint + eucalyptus + 100% pure essential oils.  This aromatherapy blend is soothing, stimulating, refreshing and cooling. This travel size is perfect to keep in your purse or at the office. Roll on temples for head ache relief, chest for cold relief or anywhere that you can breathe it in and enjoy all the benefits.

  •  keynotes: peppermint + eucalyptus
  • usage: face + body mist  *avoid contact with eyes
  • portion of all proceeds goes to benefit animal rescue
  • 3.4 oz