Sensual Self Journal

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This beautiful journal will help you get in touch with your body, explore your sensuality, and discover yourself with more than 150 thought-provoking prompts and exercises.
Ev'Yan Whitney is a Sexuality Doula® and somatics student whose mission is to liberate women by helping them rediscover their sensuality and explore their sexuality. With prompts and exercises that focus on grounding yourself, checking in with your mind and body, self-acceptance, self-care, and body consciousness, this undated journal will help you discover your pleasure and become your most embodied self at your own pace. With ample room to record your process and express yourself—from writing letters to your body and making art inspired by your unique sensuality to practices where you'll connect more completely with your senses (i.e. sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch)—this intimate guided journal is a gift for reconnecting with yourself and the world around you.
  • 176 Pages