Self Discovery Quiz


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Looking to learn a little more about yourself? Take one of these quizzes from Madrid-based DOIY. Choose from F**k It and Millennial Mindset. Each set comes themed quiz books and answer sheets to fill in along the way.

F**k It: You should definitely give a f**k about this, because it’ll change your life! So “what is a f**k it attitude?” you ask… The perfect f**k it attitude is when you give no f**ks … about what people think about you, about societal pressures or about any of that nonsense that can be generally stressful. This self-discovery quiz will not only reveal how “f**k it” you really are but give you some tips to keep your ‘f**k it’-ometer steady. You get one life—fill it with good vibes and happiness!

Millennial Mindset: Have you ever been told you were born in the wrong century? That you still act like a kid? That you’re a meme master? That you love avocados a little too much? Contrary to popular opinion, we believe millennials should be defined by their mindset, not age! Take this personality quiz to learn what generation your approach to life fits most while giving you an insight into others and their experiences.

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