Pillow Talk Conversation Cards

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60 cards to prompt us to share our most intimate desires.


The pleasures of sex are well known, but the pleasures of talking about sex? Not so much. What feels nice, what we like to daydream about, what we long for, where our fantasies have come from, all these intimate details are often kept to ourselves. But these are the details that should be explored”even moreso when we can share it all with our partners. Maybe some aspects of sex feel tricky, you don't know where to start the conversation, how to bring it up, or that you should know all of these details by now. Whatever your worry, these prompt cards are designed to spark the best kind of pillow talk. The sort where we explore sex with intimacy, playfulness, and intellectual curiosity.

These cards include 60 questions to get you started and are guaranteed to leave us with a new sense of liberation and closeness. The perfect gift for a partner for an anniversary, Valentine's day, or just because, or a gift to yourself, to spark some topics for journalling and getting to know your desires a little better before introducing a partner to the conversation.

Example prompts:

  • "What part of your body do you worry might put a lover off?"
  • "What kind of power dynamics excite you?"
  • "Something I'm really inhibited about is..."
  • "What slightly unusual location would you want to have sex in? Why do you think it excites you?"
  • "In order to get more in the mood for sex, it would help if..."