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In the foreword to this collection, Jessika Hepburn writes: “Stop thinking about mothering as exclusive to women with babies. Consider mothering an essential life-saving skill, like CPR, or knowing how to breathe. Make mothering political. Teach mothering to every grade and age and gender. Value the practice of mothering as the highest good, and place those most skilled at the work at the centre of every table, policy, and social movement.”

It is instinctively human to want to care for things and people—consider how many of us enjoy cooking for others, collecting houseplants or giving gifts, long before we become, if we ever become, actual mothers.

This collection is for anyone who has ever had a mother; for parents who have birthed or raised children; for anyone who has ever questioned their relationship to care, emotional labour, or sacrifice in the name of love. These stories are for and by mothers, future mothers, but also atypical caregivers like doulas and pet moms.

96 pages. Featuring stories from 20 contributors.

Contributors: Farrah Abdel-Latif, Erin Ashenhurst, Fauzia Asim, Chantelle Blagrove, Alison Carson, Tarralik Duffy , Dara Gordon, Jessika Hepburn, Jessica Kasiama, Alix MacLean, Sara Black McCulloch, Tania Peralta, Ramna Safeer, Shulamit Sappire, Amanda Scriver, Simone Simms, Robin Snip, Cassandra Thompson, Christine Vu, Kyisha Williams. Illustration by Wenting Li, Photography by Lenka Clayton.

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