Northern Pine Soap

Skipping Stone Soap

$10.00 CAD

Here's the soap inspired by fire logs, or a log cabin in the woods. Northern Pine : Body + Face Soap is a handcrafted all-natural moisturizing soap bar with a fresh, sweet, and calming scent of pine tree notes. Lightly scented with essential oils.

This soap is formulated with extra virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil, enriched with skin-restoring rice bran oil and nourishing organic unrefined shea butter. Dotted with finely crushed peppermint leaves.  It is suitable for face and body on all skin types: sensitive, dry, normal, or oily. You will love the refreshing evergreen scent and the moisturizing characteristics of this bar. It will leave your skin radiant after use. 

Made locally, all of Skipping Stone soaps are cold processed and handcrafted in small batches to ensure their maximum benefits for your skin. Each bar is hand-poured, hand-cut and no two are alike. Just like marble stone, marbled soaps vary in appearance and each item is unique. They are minimally wrapped in a recycled paper label.

Handcrafted soaps are high in glycerin. Glycerin attracts water (hence its moisturizing effect) therefore our soaps should not be left sitting in water, as it will cause them to melt. To extend the life of your soap, please use a well-draining soap dish to ensure your soap dries completely after each use.

* We have some of the original and some of the newer packaging so you will get whichever is left in stock

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