Mini Birch Cookie Gift Set

Beam Paints

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 Beam Paints contain only pigment and binder which creates a very concentrated colour which will last a long time. The sweetest travel palette of colours set in a reclaimed white birch block from Manitoulin Island and finished with warm beeswax.  All paints are handmade in small batches with local Manitoulin honey, wildcrafted tree sap, hand gathered, washed and sifted Manitoulin stone and the finest lightfast
pigmentsGift sets are wrapped in Beam's signature waxed cloth with a brush and samples of St Armand handmade paper. This palette is a spectrum of some of the most popular colours. Choose to paint the rainbow, or mix any two together to create a wide range of hues. 11 colours including Summer Sun Red, Magenta, Peach, Pumpkin, Fall Poplar Yellow, Spring Green, Robin’s Egg Blue, Great Ocean, Almost Night, Blueberry Mountain or Lavender and Gold. Plastic free packaging

  • Pans are packaged in slices of cedar and birch offcuts from an Indigenous sustainable lumber operation
  • Beam Paints is located in M'Chigeeng First Nation on Manitoulin Island/Mnidoo Mnising
  • Watercolour in its dry state has no expiry date, and as long as its kept dry will last forever! 

Beam Paints draws on an early educations in Indigenous pigment and expands it to encompass all paint traditions. A focus on high quality pigment content creates sublime artist materials, with plastic free packaging

These colours have been third party tested by the toxicologists at Duke University and Cambridge Materials testing to meet and exceed the standards for safety for childrens paint. they are not toxic or hazardous and meet LHAMA and ASTM D4236 standards for artist materials! Through this process they have earned the right to bear this seal.