McCrae Triangle Necklace

Ugly Bunny

This necklace from Ugly Bunny celebrates their favourite Canadian poem by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae, 'In Flanders Fields'; their new wood Paduak is red like poppies and the many colour ways of this style highlight it.

The necklace is two in one: you can wear it with the brass side out for a simpler necklace, showcasing an abstract version of UB's mountain logo, or flip it over to reveal a fun, colourful pendant with laser cut wood inlay!

  • Designed using original drawings.
  • Features a lasercut wood inlay in a brass cabochon setting. 
  • The pendant hangs on a 32" raw brass chain. 
  • Should not be worn while swimming, bathing, or sleeping. 
  • Brass portions can be cleaned with a brass cleaning cloth, but do not use on wood portion. If wood gets dirty, clean with a soft, clean cloth lightly sprayed with rubbing alcohol. 
  • Lasercut in Kelowna, B.C.



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