Make A Living Living Book

Laurence King

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Make a Living Living is for anyone who has ever wished they could build a successful career doing something they love. Structured around the stories of inspiring individuals, from a vegan chocolatier to a nomadic photographer and a tiny-house builder, the book explains how they achieved their ideal existence, and the challenges they faced along the way. A set of practical exercises helps readers learn how to trust themselves, take risks, and develop the skills needed to achieve their ideal life.

  • Make your passion your job, and it will never feel like work again.
  • Simple living: keep things simple and you’ll save money and have more time to enjoy life.
  • Sustainability there is a large community of people who make things and care about the way they make them.
  • Nomadic living keep your eyes fresh and your brain engaged by living creatively in different spaces.

128 Pages


6.5" x 8.9"

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