60% Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar

Kin + Pod Chocolate

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Kin + Pod is a female owned and operated Alberta based Chocolate company dedicated to making exceptional bean to bar chocolate. They care about where their beans come from and who's producing them. They make their chocolate in small batches, testing each one for quality. The mission is to create ethically sourced chocolate buying from 2-3 small farms and paying 2-3 times more than fair trade minimums for their beans. 

Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar

A flavourful collaboration between Rosso Coffee Roasters Two Wheel Espresso and the multi-award winning Tumaco Colombia cacao beans.


-Gluten Free

-Organic (uncertified)

Essentially breakfast chocolate or a bar to get you over the mid day slump. Made with Rosso Coffee Roasters Two Wheel

Espresso beans.