Canadian Shield Tea Towel

Kate Golding

$34.00 CAD

Kate Golding tea towels are such a beautiful gift or a wonderful addition to your own home. Fabrics are printed in Canada using a premium reactive dye process which means the pattern won't fade after multiple washes. 

On an afternoon hike in the hot sun, the rock surface of the Canadian Shield reveals itself in bright sections, appearing in the lake and forest around me.  Glowing in the light, it is a marbled palette of pretty soft greys.  Rugged, beautiful and dotted with white pines, this place feels like heaven.

In this collection Kate Golding explores her love for the Great Lakes region.  Kate lives and works on the shores of Lake Ontario and likes to hike and camp throughout Southern Ontario.  In these designs, she finds inspiration in the natural environment drawing upon flora, fauna and landscape as the basis for these decorative patterns. 

  • 22" x 24"
  • 55% linen/45% cotton with branded tag for hanging
  • Machine wash warm or cool
  • Fabric softens beautifully over time
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