Happy If You Know It Book

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How do we know if we’re in the right place, or if we’re making the right decisions? How do we know when we’re happy? We’re told to listen to our “intuition” like it’s the foremost expert on what will make us happiest — but what if our intuition isn’t loud enough? What if it leads us astray? What does it mean to trust your “gut?”

Don’t confuse Happy If You Know It with a traditional self-help book. This anthology relies on personal experience and exploration rather than facts, figures, or Instagrammable affirmations. This book is not a guide. There are no actionable steps, no checklists. Instead, this book features personal, revelatory contributions from 15 different women including Toronto muralist and artist Ness Lee, long-established painter and filmmaker Margaux Williamson, celebrated writer/musician Vivek Shraya and Rogers Writers’ Trust 2017 Fiction Prize shortlister Carleigh Baker.

Other (remarkable!) contributors and collaborators include: Najla Nubyanluv, Anne Thériault, Vasiliki Marapas, Frankie Barnet, Lauren Tamaki, Alexandra Bowman, Jill Andrew, Aisha Fairclough, Hollie Pocsai, Liz WorthTania LoveSam PierreDaeJen SpinnerAngela LewisErin PehlivanKait Souch and Erin Klassen.

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