Beeswax Tealights Box of 12

The Wax Studio

$29.00 CAD

This set of 12 tealights is entirely plastic-free, and zero-waste.

You will receive 12 pure beeswax tealights in a recycled cardboard box with a paper label. The tealights burn for 3-5 hours each, and are handmade with pure, local Ontario beeswax filter by the maker plus 100% cotton wick (no metal wick tabs, no plastic or metal holders).

You can burn them in a tealight holder you already own, or purchase a small glass tealight holder.

To use, burn them as you would any other tealight. To re-use the glass holder, pour in a little bit of very hot or boiling water, then wipe clean with a cloth or recycled paper towel. Please discard the water outside (not down a drain or toilet).


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