Animal Family Match Game

Laurence King

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Is this really your family? In these fifteen animal families there certainly do seem to be a lot of black sheep and ugly ducklings... Why don’t they all look the same? Can you group the families together and remember where they all are? Take your memory skills to the next level with this Animal Family Match Game from Laurence King.

  • Matching game for nature lovers: A more challenging take on the traditional pair-based matching game.
  • Suitable for children & adults: gameplay options for flexibility for all to play
  • Text by a zoologist: accompanying booklet explains why one member of the family (or sometimes all three!) looks so different from the others
  • Stunning illustrations: detailed watercolour illustrations by internationally acclaimed artist Ryuto Miyake
  • Box measures 235 x 125 x 34 mm (a perfect travel size); features 45 cards for 15 matching families