Actually Curious - Curiosity Cards

Actually Curious

$38.00 CAD

A card game and a mission to spread empathy, Actually Curious helps players build connections through meaningful questions. The original Curiosity Edition explores questions of background, values, and views on important issues.

Ideal for...

  • Journaling practice: Explore your own biases and values by using the questions as journaling prompts.
  • Family and Friends: Bring thoughtful questions to your next game night to unlock stories that have been waiting for the perfect moment to be told.
  • Intentional Dating: Whether it be the first date or the 100th date, get to know each other's values and views on a deeper level.
  • Conversation Starters: Meaningful questions to help break the ice and put an end to small talk.

The deck consists of 15 blue, 17 green, 12 yellow, 8 red cards; 52 in total. Eco-friendly and socially conscious. High-quality production using ethical labour and paper supply practices.


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