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What Should I Do With My Life? Game

School of Life

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What Should I Do with My Life? is a card game from The School of Life designed to illuminate the many options we have available to us when trying to answer that essential question—"what should I do with my life?"

There are some 600,000 different jobs in the world. Inevitably, it can be hard to know which one might be best suited to our talents and temperament. What Should I Do with My Life? is designed to help us determine what occupation might be most relevant to us. Each of the 52 cards details a highly distinctive and often fascinating profession with ratings for key factors to bring our ambitions into focus. The cards work together as a fun and competitive trump game that tries to help us with one of the most serious tasks we face: knowing what we might usefully do with the rest of our lives. Play with a group of friends or arrange the cards yourself to see what patterns are revealed.

Some examples of the professions included are:

  • Dental Hygienis
  • Graphic Designer
  • Homemaker
  • Immunologist
  • Barista
  • Procurement Clerk
  • Tree Surgeon
  • Copy Editor
  • Commodity Trader