Night Thoughts Notebook

School of Life

A linen-bound notebook from The School of Life, the Night Thoughts journal was designed to accommodate ideas, aspirations, and worries in the therapeutic activity of writing down your thoughts.


As The School of Life notes, "Our un-thought thoughts contain clues as to our needs and our longer-term direction. Writing them out is key. Through writing, we recognize patterns to observe and, perhaps, outgrow. We can strategize—a remarkably neglected task. We can ask ourselves why we make the choices we do. We can question faulty narratives and create new ones. We can consider ideas before we commit to them, and reinforce good ideas we already know. Writing is ultimately the task of discovering and developing what we think. There could hardly be a more important personal goal."


The Night Thoughts journal is a space to connect with those un-thought thoughts as life slows in the evenings. Reflect on your day in this designated evening journal or keep it bedside to work through the things that are keeping you from sleep or to detail your dreams when you wake up.


The details: A5 linen bound notebook, 192 dot grid pages, 100grm acid-free Munken paper

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