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Journeys Notebook

School of Life

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A linen-bound notebook from The School of Life, the Journeys journal was designed to accommodate ideas, aspirations, and worries in the therapeutic activity of writing down your thoughts.


As The School of Life notes, "Both physical and emotional journeys need careful monitoring, or we are likely to become lost, directionless and forgetful. We need to record the most significant moments that befall us: the surprise we feel in a new place (it might be the mountains behind Tokyo or the shores of the Bosphorus) or in front of a new idea or emotion (perhaps we’re just reading Lao-Tzu or properly falling in love for the first time, with our child or a partner). We should appreciate the triumphs and the difficulties of our journeys—just as a climber might record how they endured a blizzard, or what they learned from a fall. A journal is a small, elegant tool that makes up for our endemic forgetfulness. It sums up mental and physical travel; it gives longer life to fleeting inspirations and sensations; it decodes experiences; it preserves the treasures we have stumbled upon along the way. It will stand as a record of who we are."


The Journeys journal is a space offers a designated space to details those journeys, to mark down where you've been and why it mattered. It's a tool to look back on where you've come from to better see where you are headed to next.


The details: A5 linen-bound notebook, olive green, 192 dot grid pages, 100grm acid-free Munken paper