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Butterflies of the World Sticker Book

Princeton Architectural Press

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Butterflies, with their transformation from hungry caterpillar to beautiful flying flower, are among the most fascinating animals for children. Observing butterflies and moths introduces them to a wide range of colors and patterns, to the concept of camouflage, and to a colourful habitat of flowers and other plants.

Butterflies of the WorldĀ introduces different types of butterflies and moths through a range of interactive activities and stickers. This activity book will keep children entertained for hours through fun activities, such as sticking on the missing wing of a comet moth or colouring in the wings of a Large Blue butterfly. In the process, children learn how caterpillars turn into butterflies, what they eat, how they trick predators, and other interesting facts. A quiz at the end of the book tests their knowledge. A fun and educational activity book for kids ages 3 to 6.

24 pages; 12" x 9"