Printed Cotton Handkerchief


$20.00 CAD

Blowing your nose has never been more stylish. This hand-sewn hanky is durable, fade-resistant and totally washable! Blow you nose, wipe your chin or swab that spill then just toss it in the washer! It makes a perfect pocket square and easily fits in your back pocket where it's always ready to go.

Every hanky is hand printed at the rcboisjoli studios in Toronto, Ontario using custom-mixed, permanent dyes and inks, that are soft to the touch and fade-proof too. Each 100% natural unbleached cotton handkerchief is made from Canadian-milled fabric and is roll-hemmed with a matching thread. These handkerchiefs are designed to last for many, many washings, getting softer to the touch after each wash.

  • Measures approximately 30cm x 30cm (almost 12" square)
  • Packed in a paper sleeve, complete with washing/ironing instructions
  • Small imperfections may be present in the woven material or in the printing, as this is a handmade product
  • Handmade in Toronto, Ontario
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