Girl Time Activity Book

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A workbook of bonding exercises and activities for preteen girls and their moms, to help promote communication about emotions and the tricky issues that tweens have to navigate. Sometimes it’s hard to talk with your mom about feelings and situations—like stress, frustration, feeling in control, and being bored. Girl Time is full of fun activities that you can do with your mom that will also show you great ways to calm down, chill out, express yourself, feel positive, and become really confident!

This book includes:

  • Games, mazes, and fill-in-the-blank activities to help you learn more about yourself—and your mom
  • Tips and strategies for getting yourself motivated, relaxed, or out of a funk
  • Simple breathing exercises to calm your mind
  • Great advice on what to eat to power up, boost your mood, and activate your mind
  • And much more!

160 pages; paperback